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Hey folks get ready to dive into the future of Android.

GOOGLE has announced the so called Android P recently in GOOGLE I/O 2018. ‘P’ is the 9th version of android and aims to be the biggest update ever made to a succeeding android.

It’s expected that Google will launch stable version of ‘P’ with its Pixel 3 right out of the box.’P’ is gonna be amazing with a lot of feature upgrades and lots of new features.Now Let’s talk about the features and hidden Easter eggs of Android ‘P’.


After the huge success of IOS 11 gestures, Google also decided to bring gestures on ‘P’ .Android P is the first time Google’s heavily relying on gestures for navigating
UI and as latest it works as
* Tap home button to go home
* Swipe up to go to recent apps pages
* Long swipe to open app drawer
* The back button only appears on certain apps which needs that button

Yeah, the iPhone ‘X’ users are now very comfortable with the gestures but Android users have to struggle for some days to get into gestures.
Android ‘P’ in the developer preview, gives an option to use traditional 3 buttons (recent apps, home & back) but gesture control is what Google wants to be the future.


It is said that using mobile phones for a long time especially in dark can harm human EYE ,this is where the App timer feature comes into existence in Android ‘P’ which allows a user to set a time limit till he/she will be using any certain app and as soon as time ends the app goes B&W the idea behind color change is to encourage a user to stop using that app due to annoying B&W screen and time spent on app and alarms you to go get some fresh air in the surrounding.

It’s a unique feature and can prove to be beneficial for people who are addicted to phone or we can say SOCIAL MEDIA…


This mode is something related to physical gesture ,to activate SHUSH mode on Android ‘p’ user have to place the phone on a flat surface, screen down. After applying this gesture, guess what? Phone will automatically turns on DO NOT DISTURB mode and will mute all notifications and vibrations.This could be useful when in meeting, class, lecture, presentation etc.


Battery life is always been an issue in people’s mind before buying phones. Android ‘P’ comes with great optimization of the battery consumption. The feature “Adaptive Battery” is a mechanism known as “APP STANDBY BUCKETS” this feature is based on unique algorithm of battery consumption of certain apps which is categorised as frequently used apps and apps which are less used.

Frequently used apps are allowed to use background data while other apps are restricted.According to VP of engineering for Android ,Dave Burke ,at Google I/O, concluded this results in 30% reduction in CPU wake-ups which will relate to better standby performance.


As 2017 was the year of phone going bezel less, 2018 is the year of NOTCH which is another way to decrease upper and lower bezels, with this Android ‘P’ comes with NOTCH support which allows most of the apps to adapt the NOTCH on the phone and work better.

Android ‘P’ will handle notch on phone to provide better UI experiences to the users.


Sometimes features like fingerprint unlock, face unlock or any other smart unlock feature,(if it’s not of iPhone X type) it’s possible that other person can unlock your phone while you are sleepy or through any accidental way.Now here comes LOCKDOWN MODE with Android ‘P‘ which will disable all smart unlock features on your smartphone and when the phone is in lockdown mode, it can only be opened by pattern, passcode, password.


In the world of hackers everyone is concerned about their personal data on their smartphones. Android ‘P’ adds a lot of protection against these activities one of them is to restrict the use of mic and camera for any background apps ,it ensures that malicious apps should not take user’s personal data at any condition. Letting apps the permission to use a camera and mic even when they run in background is dangerous, but with ‘P’ you can feel comfortable now as Furious 7 scene will never happen now.


With lots of machine learning in Android ‘P’ Google gave your phone a feature to predict what you will be doing next in certain apps.This time it is the next level of shortcuts(called as APP ACTIONS) which will predict next things which you are willing to do on app by giving shortcuts on app drawer, an assistant and more.
There exist another one such app called as SLICES which will allow you to perform complex actions from an assistant or Google search.


According to a report by XDA , Android ‘P’ will include the ability to modify the look of LTE bars on notification bars (comes in handy if you are bored of seeing the same traditional LTE bars on top right corner of your phone)


Android ‘P’ comes with easy screenshot capture feature now you don’t have to press that annoying vol+power button to snap screenshot, ‘P‘ provides screenshot option in power menu. Not only taking screenshot gone easy but with Android ‘P’ you can edit screenshot right after it is captured, you’re able to add text, crop and much more can be done with it. Also you can directly share it from the same screen. Although this feature is quite glitchy in developer preview but hope Google will handle it.

Now time comes to show you how can you absorb all experience of Android ‘P’ before its official launch.

YOU can sign up for BETA now.

The steps are simple for pixel users but not for others:

*Let’s talk about pixel first.

-you can install Android ‘P’ beta on Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL.

-Go to the Android beta website and select your pixel device and then click on get beta.

-Click on “I agree terms of beta program,” and then click “join beta,”.

-Now go to your settings> system> system updates you will see Android ‘P’ beta click on Download and then Install , Now Enjoy your Android P.

*Let’s talk about other phones

Go to below link to check if your device is eligible to get Android P beta or not:

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