VPN services - TechieSurge (2018)

VPN Services: A Beginner’s Guide | 2018

What is VPN? 

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a privately designed network that lets you completely or almost completely anonymous on the internet, protecting your privacy online and helps protect your sensitive data like email passwords, bank details, credit card details, and all your data could be made invisible on the internet.

VPN services - TechieSurge (2018)

Come, hold my hand I’ll let you know more about the current trends of VPN(virtual private network).  And how safe is it to you, how to become anonymous online, how protective it is, what role does government plays with these networks and a lot other questions will be answered here….

Let’s go..

How VPN exactly works?

The VPN creates a way to connect to your desired IP locations or web url. It acts as a third-party server that helps you connect to the url you searched for by dislocating your actual IP. This hides your actual IP(internet protocol) location enabling you to surf the internet without getting known to hackers, crackers or unwanted activist who can harm you in any way.

The VPN makes a connection to your IP first and then Jumps up to the location or url you’ve searched for. This in turn helps secure your data or info. protected to some extent.

How your Internet works without VPN?

When you google any keyword, the server directly connects you to the ISP(internet service provider) then your IP gets registered on the internet. As soon as the IP(the url you searched for) gets registered to your ISP, the ISP then directs you to your preferred url. The url then gets opened up.

So basically there are 3 steps that are involved in your internet connection which in general takes place while you search for any keyword.

First of all, your IP gets registered in your ISP, the ISP then directs you to your preferred location(the url you searched for)

And most important of all is that the data(like bank details, credits card info, email passwords, social media accounts, etc) could be encrypted and this is how your data could be leaked or, in other words, can be hacked.
There are no any medium to safeguard your personal or non-personal data to protect them from any third-party(hacker, cracker, unhealthy activist).

How your Internet works with VPN?

Now this time when you search for any keyword on any search engine, the VPN acts as a third-party application that lets your IP untraceable to common browsing(without VPN) on the internet. The VPN encrypts your personal and/or non-personal data on the internet that no one can trace your exact location(IP address). You enter with your actual IP and then VPN provides you a certain unknown IP that is only known to your VPN service.

This in a way safer than using internet without VPN.

Now comes the question that….

Is using VPN services 101% Secure?

As is discussed earlier that VPN services make use of internet to safely land you in your preferred location(IP or url). So most probably the whole process depends on the kind of technology that a VPN service provider using. Second is the VPN’s location that where it actually built and came into existence. The country where VPN is built majorly affects your privacy data as the data can be used as and when asked by the country’s government.

The data could be retrieved by the country’s government without your consent and that was happened with Facebook’s Data leaks: Facebook Cambridge Analytica Data leak.

So the safety of the VPN primarily depends on the VPN service Itself.

Is using VPN services legal or illegal?

Throughout all the VPN services users out there, the good news is that using VPN whether FREE or PAID is absolutely legal and there’s no harm using these services at all.

Now there might be government intruding the VPNs provider as it might serve as a source of illegal activities but still countries like India, Canada, US, European countries and many other countries have no problem at all.

But there are countries like UAE, Russia, Oman, North Korea, China, Turkey and Turkmenistan have some trouble using VPNs.

Does using VPNs make you  Completely Anonymous?

Offcourse NO!!

There’s no such VPN exists that makes you completely anonymous or invisible on internet. Yet you can be at safer or secure by using VPNs. VPN services lets you and your online data almost encrypted and it’s not getting visible to any of the hackers or any harmful activists.

Does the speed of the internet decreases while using VPN services?

Ohh Yes, the speed of the internet will certainly powers after connecting it to the VPN services. As soon as you get attached with the VPN services the then VPN makes use of their own fastest internet speed but it consumes a lot or some of speed of your internet speed. Then it finally directs you to your preferred location(url or IP address).

So in this way, almost all VPNs make use of your data to provide you anonymity and after crossing this longest route the speed of your connection gets lowered.

Are you getting tracked by these VPN services?

This might make you jump outta 4th floor of the building as its true that VPN services have all your data recorded in real-time. This is how they make money, don’t know how?

You forget about information? Check it out here.

It’s all about your information that they used to sell them to third-party buyers. And you might be surprised to know that they sell your data in lieu of tons of cash. So this might glow your mind bulb that how important is your personal data.

Data like:

type of device used
time spent
user activity
payment details
IP addresses

I do recommend you be careful before using any of the FREE or PAID VPN services.
All the VPN services have different privacy policies so before getting indulged in those activities take a minute or more to know about their privacy policies.

FREE VPN or PAID VPN…Which one’s best VPN services?

Now Let’s explore more about the kind of VPN that’s best for you and is most preferred over other.
Well i would say both services lacks the fully private network that they used to enchant always.

Have you ever thought that why these VPN services are free of cost and is available to you? Why some VPNs are free while others costs?

The answer to all those questions is that they(free VPNs) are all tracing your internet activity. And you all know what could be done to your data. Yes, they are selling your personal data in tons.

Secondly the free VPN services shows you a lot of Ads on thier app. And this is how they make a huge income.

Should I Buy a VPN services?

Yes you should buy a VPN services if possible and only if your data is quite important to you and using a public network might harm you. Then only you might consider buying one personal VPN. Also if you’re willing to surf the internet privately, in a safe zone the VPN might prove you a great help.

Only 3-5USD costs for a month of services for any of the best VPN services available and if its more than that don’t go for it. As they do the same thing like any other VPN does so why pay more while using the same service.

While many ofthe VPN services offers a huge discount to attract users around the globe initially.

What are the advantages of using a VPN services?

Well there are a lot of adavantages of using a VPN services online..

Few of them are:

You become private to other users
Hides your online activity
Helps you protect your online data
Makes you anonymous
Hides your exact location(IP address)
Spending 3-5USD isn’t a bad deal saving your almost lacks of money in the form of online data.

Any Disadvantages?

I haven’t found any disadvantages of using a VPN services at all. This could be due to some innumerable services and an absolute way to become anonymous online. Protection from all your private data using such a small app is always an advantageous and useful.

There isn’t any downside using such an app.

Now can you tell me what do you think of VPN services?

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