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Steering wheel for PC – Purchase Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2018

Driving in a video game career with the keyboard can be uncomfortable and can make you lose the play. Fortunately for you, there are adaptable flyers to your PC in order to make the experience more pleasant and feel that you are driving a real car. Technology has created increasingly sophisticated accessories. This time we present a comparison of the three best models according to what users say and according to their characteristics.

There are several aspects that you should take into account when buying an accessory for your machine Visit this Website if you want the simulation to be as close to reality. In the first place, that the steering wheel has a wide rotation that does not limit the turns and allows taking curves comfortably without leaving the track.

In order to make your experience better, look for a Steering wheel for pc with good feedback engines. This feature allows the Steering wheel to emit vibrations according to the obstacles that are presented on the road, with the type of terrain and when a collision occurs, such as when driving a real car. Also, get a steering wheel with a set of pedals that are easy to install and handle.

In the market you can find a wide range of these accessories that suit your wishes. The cheaper ones allow you to drive in a simple way, while the more expensive ones are designed in a way that offers a better simulation. Everything will depend on the budget you have.

Pay attention to these tips and you will see that the Steering wheel for pc will change the way you play the video games, relationships with cars, races and speed. We leave you some models recommended by users with which you will assume greater control in each journey.

Due to its structural design and materials it offers a very nice and firm driving, very similar to that of a real car, which we conclude is its best advantage.

Main disadvantage:

The sensation of the brake can be considered by some users as very hard to push, something that prevents slowing down and could be considered a disadvantage.

Verdict 9.8 / 10

It is a steering wheel that offers a good composition of elements to provide a nice simulation in both PS3 and PS4 or PC games, so it is quite compatible.


One of the main objectives of the flyers is to faithfully reproduce the experience you have when driving a real car. To provide a feeling very similar to this, the Steering wheel provided by Logitech includes the technology called Force Feedback, which through two engines can provide a pleasant driving with smooth and silent turns.

On the other hand, thanks to the gears of the Steering wheel, an adequate firmness is achieved because its helical gears are based on automotive designs; this way it stays stable while you drive. In addition, it manages to transmit the effects of the game so that you perceive the texture of the terrain and the vibrations, in this way you can really feel as if you were inside the video game.

As for the pedals, your LED system will allow you to find the most appropriate time to incorporate the changes and because you can place them independently on the floor, they provide a more comfortable use.

Materials and design

Durability is something that cannot be left aside in a device that is subject to a use that could be considered demanding. This model has stainless steel pedals; this will allow that the wear is not perceived in a long time.

Also its sporty and ergonomic three-armed Steering wheel will facilitate the grip and you can have easy access to all buttons, since they are at an appropriate distance. As regards the touch of the steering wheel, this is quite pleasant due to the hand-sewn leather that shapes it, which also adds durability.

Another feature that will surely interest you is that this model of Steering wheel can be securely fastened to a table, so that before fast oscillations, it will stay in place.


Whether you have a PC, PS3 or PS4 game version, you will have no problem to continue using this model of Steering wheel, as it is ready to be compatible with any of these video game platforms.

It has also been developed to provide good performance with recent games, so you can enjoy your favorite racing games. On the other hand, the connection to the computer can be made by USB 2.0 port for greater practicality. In addition, in case you want to bring the experience even closer to reality, you can purchase the simulation booth. 

  • Speedlink Racing Wheel Drift OZ

Car racing on the PC will be much better with this Steering wheel that guarantees a more precise driving and with which you can control every movement you make. We place it among the best of this year because users are very happy with the realistic features it offers, thanks to the effects of vibration with the force feedback system.

Another point in favor is given by its pedals with a balanced dosage, in addition to the digital crosshead and 12 buttons for greater precision. The Steering wheel has a rotation of 180 degrees with an analog and digital switch. And if that were not enough, it has professional levers that minimize change times.

Beyond the functionalities, it is worth mentioning that this steering wheel is made with a rubber texture extremely pleasant to the touch, which also facilitates the grip and stability when maneuvering on any race track.

Another article that deserves our attention is the Speed link model, being the best possible PC wheel for 60 euros that you can find online.

The group of flyers for PC recommended in 2018 we close with this simulation model with which you will have a realistic and exciting experience. All its components are endowed with features that make it a good purchase option. It has an ergonomic shape identical to the real ones, in addition to acceleration and brake pedals and a vibration system that responds to the events that occurred during the race.

Within its elements it also has 10 control buttons, 8-way Dual Pad, a mini-joystick and a similar lever to elevate the videogame experience. It is easy to install and simple to configure and manage its functions.

This model has fulfilled most of the expectations of the users, who for an economical price feel satisfied to have this model. You can place it in your list of options for purchase for its functionality. What are you waiting for? To play! Just put on your belt and get ready to be a champion in your PC racing games.

All those who seek to acquire a quality product in this category of articles should take a few minutes to analyze the good qualities of the Tracer Drifter.

  • Logitech G29

This Steering wheel for pc is, in short, one of the most functional PC flyers of this year. It is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7, it will be your best ally to compete in the most exciting car races and always be the winner. It is equipped with a system of helical gears that guarantee a silent and uncomplicated journey, in addition to two force feedback engines that provide more realism in the behavior of the tires.

Logitech guarantees with this model a durable steering wheel because it is made of hand-stitched leather and the components are made of stainless steel. It has a rotation of 900 degrees, with which the turns are given with total control as in a real car. In addition, it comes with LED indicators that show the RPM to make changes in speed while looking at the road.

Users highlight improvements to the pedal system, including independently and designed to provide more accurate and natural control, with a non-linear brake pedal that makes it more real.

The product designed and distributed by Logitech is rated as the best PC steering wheel of the moment due to its great design, good response level and good general features; below we explain more in detail the qualities of the product.

How to use a PC Steering wheel

Video games are fun tools widely used today. To obtain a better quality of entertainment, several controls have been created that maximize the user experience, such as PC flyers. Here are the tips needed to use a PC Steering wheel in the right way.

Place each piece of the steering wheel on a surface

It is important that you know that each PC flyer kit contains three fundamental pieces that will give you a better experience when playing video games. The kit includes a Steering wheel, Steering wheel support with specific keys and two pedals, for a more realistic experience. Place each piece separately on a surface to join the cables corresponding to each one quickly and easily.

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Place the Steering wheel in front of the PC

The PC steering wheel is the main piece that you will use to play video games, so it is necessary to place it in a place in front of the computer monitor for greater comfort. Place it on your legs or on a flat surface in front of the computer, which provides stability while you use it. The pedals should be located in front of your feet.

Download the driver program

Many flyer models contain a special installation driver on the computer, which allows access to each piece of the kit. However, others need driver software. Investigate the model of your flyer and acquire the necessary software. Download it and synchronize the pieces of your steering wheel with the program.

Connect the steering wheel and other accessories to the computer

Each of the pieces has a connector cable that connects to the available USB inputs. Connect the steering wheel and pedals using these cables, following the indications on the labels that indicate the precise place where to connect them.

Enter the game to the PC

After connecting the Steering wheel for pc and pedals to the computer, proceed to start the video game of your choice. Check in advance that the game supports the use of these controls and configure the keys according to your needs in the game. You can configure the control of the controls by entering the controller program, where you must follow the instructions described and make the necessary changes.

Certify that the pieces work

Before starting to use the steering wheel and pedals, you must execute the “test” option included in the program. In this way, you can verify that the Steering wheel and the buttons work correctly during the execution of the video game. If you do not pass the test, configure the use of the buttons again.

Keep the Steering wheel in neutral

It is important that you do not turn the Steering wheel for pc before turning on the computer and installing the game, as the program will take the position of the Steering wheel as a starting point. Therefore, if this is not neutral, the video game will not be executed properly. Turn off the computer and turn the Steering wheel for pc to the start position, then turn on your PC again and you can play without failures.

Disconnect the steering wheel at the end

Finally, disconnect the entire system from the Steering wheel and pedals when you finish playing the games. It is not recommended to leave the controls connected for a long time without using them, since the inputs could rust and accumulate dirt, which would prevent a good connection in the future.

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