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Cloud Computing: Store all your personal and other data [Complete Guide]

What is a Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is an online cloud where anyone can store a file uploading it on a cloud. With minimal effort the cloud services can help manage all the files safely and without any damage for a longer duration of time. Even if you’re gone from this planet, the cloud storage still persists.

Here the files once uploaded could be shared throughout the community. There’s no risk of deletion of file, the whole database is managed by the cloud service provider.

Well, it’s not a new concept rather an upgradation to the older concept based on file sharing through one computer device to another using internet facility. Meanwhile, its first came into existence in the 1960s(approx.) and was upgraded to its finest version on 2006.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

1. Storage: As you that Cloud Computing is known for its huge storage capacity. This is the only solution to your storage as you’ll have a huge storage space that you can download and use the program/file as and when required. The Clod Computing offers an abundance of storage space to you. No matter how big your file is. Just upload it on the Online Cloud channel and retrieve and share it with your mates, friends and online world.

2. Cost Effective: Don’t worry you’ll get an abundance of space in any of your Online Cloud Computing services but when you feel something that needs to be stored on cloud and that too is having large. Then you can pay a small fee that evert cloud services charges. The reason why this amount is small is that they only charge for their maintenance, storage space for your files and the amount of electricity spent. Now if you think that 3-5 USD/month charges is quite high then establishing your personal Cloud will be Safer and less costly than paying 3-5USD. Then you’ll be having a lot of trouble as maintenance cost, internet charges(for 24*7), and other dysfunctional will cost you a lot. So without having any perplexity of mind why not pay merely 3-5USD/month.

3. Security: No way!! You’re thinking of a security flaw in the database. Then you’re wrong about the Cloud Computing. As you’ll have full security that any Cloud Computing offers and you know what this is why they are called Cloud Computing. Since there is a great level of security that any of the Cloud Computing offers. NO employee at the service centre can access your file on a cloud as there’s great level of patches with security. There’s no way that your online cloud data could be accessed by the third party. So no worry about your data’s security.

4. Collaborations: Because of this Cloud Computing facility there’s a huge opportunity to expand one’s business through this data connections online. This gives rise to the online businesses across the country and helps grow the country’s GDP(gross domestic product).

5. Availability: Its not like any Government’s Office rather 24*7 online services that’s open 24 hrs a day. You can upload your file whenever and whenever you wanted to. There’re no restrictions at all.

6. Management: The ease of management of the files that you’ve uploaded online makes it more flexible and smooth enough that anyone could handle them without any other thought. You’ll get to enjoy all basic features like maintenance, add-on services and all other services for free.

7. Updates: All your database and Cloud Computing services gets automatically updated so you don’t needed to go search for manual update of the Cloud Computing Storage Services.

8.  Recovery: Guess what if you’ve something sensitive data with you and that you think can be traced by any of your enemies or can be damaged if kept in a physical device? Then this Online Cloud Computing will prove a paradigm for all others who are not using it. All your data once uploaded on the internet will never gonna be deleted by any of the third party systems.

9. Accessible: All your data uploaded on the internet can be accessed by you on any platforms like mobile phones, Desktop PC, Tablet. And that too very easily without any mayhem on the go. All your data will be managed by automated bots and designed in such away that you cannot scribble all along your own Cloud Computing data.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing: 

1. Less Control: We already knew the fact that not all but only a few of the services are controlled the user and all other major changes are managed, handled and controlled by the company itself. There’s nothing like we the user controls the whole of the system of the Cloud Computing System.

2. Security: As there’s large fence of security that has on any of the Cloud Computing Services yet there’s still a risk of a data breach. Since all our uploads are handles and managed by the company itself and so here comes the risk. The hacker might easily find loopholes as all our data are equally managed and coordinated in the same cloud. If there’s anything like loopholes or any kind of flaw then Iin short your data is in a jeopardy.

3.Transferability: All our data are in control of the owner of the company. And therefore when it comes to transferring the services from one Cloud company to another poses a bit difficult. As there’s a lot of data involved that belongs to the user but transferring all those to a new server cloud is quite problematic. Like Its a bit abnormal to work on Windows-based server to a new Linux server.

What is the best Cloud Storage?

When there’re already lots of Online Cloud Computing Data storage bases established on the internet, then it’s a bit difficult to differentiate from all other Cloud Services. Don’t be confused  I’m here to help you choose the best one. Let’s get going with me….

Google Drive: One of the world’s best Cloud Computing Storage service that’s used a widely used by the Google customers. With a single signing up you’ll get to access with a 15GB cloud storage space. Maximum storage that it offers is 30TB cloud storage space that charges 299.9USD. It is having a massive storage capacity. You can almost store any kind of file in this cloud. Its all secure, you can save your photos online, store gmails, scan documents, work offline.

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Mega: Ignoring all the other major Cloud Computing Services that we’ve seen. Because it’s the most used file sharing cloud services so it’s not nasty to say that it’s one of the best, fast, sufficient storage capacity for the free account. It will explode with the maximum 15GB for the free account and sufficiently huge cloud storage if you pay some amount to this Cloud Services. Available on all the platforms namely Android, iOS, MacOS and Web. So you can use it anywhere and whenever you wanted to. Here you’ll get 15GB free cloud storage space and thats for a lifetime.

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Microsoft Azure: Here’s the most notorious Cloud Computing Storage as it not only helps retain the data but also does various jobs like building websites, Virtual Machine, SQL database, Hadoop, Mobile Services and offcourse Cloud Services. Microsoft Azure can work on all platforms – Windows, Linux, MacOS. Microsoft is like an all in one service that offers IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) which is an add-on to cloud architecture. Besides this it also helps the IT professionals for coding in Node.js, and php, build apps and a lot many jobs can be done via this program.

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