Online Fraud: 6 Ways that you might get Hacked Online

Online fraud and Cyber crime are at the peak in today’s leading edge of the world. They are like everywhere and are at every corner of the world. The most of all the affected ones are the business person all around the world. The most tricked ones are the business person who earn some real money via business and the fraudsters target them to snatch away their asset.

And despite this there are tons of ways to scroll down an individual’s money without the knowledge of owner.

Yet any fraud makers can do this but do take care of the fact that there are various acts/rules that are already in actions to cope up with these kinds of fraudulent. So hooligan be ready to face the strict actions that is to be imposed upon you.

Let’s now discuss the kind of Online fraud and Cyber crime that may happen to you or anyone else.


The most popular of all in the online fraud is Carding.

The foremost question that comes under your mind is – What is Carding? So let me tell you what it actually is…

Carding means that the fraud will somehow stole your credit card and will do invalid transactions to purchase gift card from various online stores. And those gift cards are sold in-person for cash.

The thieves that does this kind of job are called carders.

Generally, these kinds of job is done mainly in United States as the country itself has adopted a cashless system so far. And so the carders are increasing in numbers. The cards that is used in United States are mainly consists of magnetic strip and not the pin or chip technology.

How it actually happens?

The credit card or debit card information can be easily stolen or taken into account by thieves gaining access to credit card websites or access to a store. A hacker might also exploit all the credit card details by finding the flaw in the system to enter into the database. This might also be done via magnetic strip that can be scanned to gain access to the credit cards.

Credit card info can also be gained by fraud via personal bank account information. After having all the bank account details of targeted account. The hacker then sells all the credit or debit card details to the third party, which is called as a carder, fraud then purchases the gift cards and various electronics items for various online stores.

The carder then purchases a variety of items or gift cards from various online stores and ships to their fake location and then it’s took back to their exact location to ignore any kind of fraudulent activities.

But this can be evaded very easily by following some simple steps:

  1. Call your Customer Care executive to immediately block your credit/debit card by providing him/her some of your personal details.
  2. Within few seconds your card will be blocked and still your account will be active.
  3. Your account is found safe.


You might have come across of the many landing pages showing you some extreme diseased person/viral stories/alluring figures who requires huge money for the major operation and adding work deadlines to it . After which you can make a donation of 100INR, 500INR, 1000INR and depending on your financial conditions you can even make a lack of donations. Attacking your personal and emotional feelings, they wanted you to make a transaction in their payment method.

They also request you to share their story on your social media platforms to reach more people socially.

As soon as you enter your credit card details to it. All the information of your bank account gets registered on their database. Then your data will be sold out to the business leaders or could be drained out all your cash from your bank account.


Do take care of the fact that it’s all your money that you’ve earned respectfully and after working hard for days long. It’s not a wiseful act to make a donation to the fraud and make them rich. They are making you fool emotionally and there are people who are making a large sum of money without working or doing anything more than that. So use your wit before making any single transactions online using fake webpages.

Even they’ll send you fake emails to make you transact on their web panel.

And there are many sites having high reputation online showing these fake ads on their channels and looting large number of innocents.

If you really wanted to make a donation, then go search for a charity that really works. And you’re safe.

● Pop-Up scammers

While browsing internet you’ve been encountered. with the pop-up giving warning that your mobile or Pc having infected with malicious software and then your Pc or mobile gives hard vibrations. That requires making you to install their anti-virus or any software to safeguard your system from those harmful viruses.

As soon as you install their app, all your personal sensitive information gets leaked on using their app. The app contains a malware that infects your device designed by fraud person.


Avoid visiting sites that warns you or pop-ups a warming compelling you to install unnecessary apps that may harm you and your devices. Install a good anti-virus to your computer or mobile phone to protect yourself from any harmful virus. Make a backup of your personal and sensitive data before anything else happens to you.

Free Wifi Hotspots

There are kids who are making tons of money making fraud online. Free-Hotspots that you might get connected with are so designed by the hackers to get all your personal and sensitive details. They are present everywhere whether you’re preset in an airport, railway stations or anywhere else. Once you join this network all your information gets into the fraudulent database.


In settings of your computer and mobile phone make your Wifi settings to not to connect automatically.

Turn ON “Ask to join network” to make sure to connect with the trusted networks. Don’t just connect with any public networks unless and until there is a huge requirement of internet. There are lots of hackers inside networks that may harm you financially or personally.

● Fake Emails

You might have seen your mail box flooded with lots of unnecessary emails that request you to fill out your credit card or debit card details. Mails like educational, free services, jobs, etc are exactly fake and they used to collect all your data by spamming your mail box.

You might have seen your mail box named “Spam” where all your spam mails are collected. Those mails are none other than bridge to spammy links where once you sign up or make your first registration. All your data will get into the scammers database.

After you enter your info into the spammy websites, they can blackmail you in lieu of your personal and private data. Your privacy will be leaked. Your real account will be hacked and that may cost you a lot.


Do not enter your personal and sensitive info(like credit card details or any other most important data) into any others computers and/or mobile phones. There might be any person sitting behind your back ready to stab you.

Do not click on the link sent to you that are spammy and requires your personal data. Also do take care that you never enter your personal emails for sign up because there are many sites that wants active emails to gain access into your account.

● Phishing

This is one most talked topic for today’s world among the internet users. As the name suggest, phishing is all about cloning the original websites and landing the user to exact replica of original site. The site is designed to exploit users data by collecting all info about victim.

The phishing refers to the sites specially designed for the purpose of obtaining the victims emails list, important contacts list, bank account details, credits or debit card details and various other details to withdraw cash and many other important files.

The sites seems to be real and its actually not. Say, the fraud person will generate a page exactly similar to the original facebook page.

When you’ll login into that Facebook webpage, all your login details will get into the fraudsters database.

This is how all other websites are designed and works. There are emails containing fake webpages that may hack all your data by your consent.


Do not get involved into the fake emails that contains link to social media profiles and other useful links like credit card details, novelty that claims that you’ve won some big amount. Those sites are designed for the purpose of obtaining all your details. Further your bank will suffer from drought and/or may be in harm.

So make yourself safe from these kinds of fake profiles. Before clicking on any of the fake links check it whether its safe to visit or not.


Your single mistake might lead you to the dark well that may harm you economically and personally.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that Google itself makes a huge investment on Cyber security. Google doesn’t want any of their users account to be hacked or leaked by any third-party. Yet there are ways to hack any Gmail accounts. But efforts are always made to safeguard Google’s Gmail.

There are many online Cyber crimes fraud are happening around the globe. So we must learn a lesson from those incidents rather make a same mistake.

Technology in a number of ways making your day brighter and also there are a number of ways that may ruin your way of thinking. So stay safe and make your surrounding safer by spreading these facts and info near you.

Still there are a number of ways that you can get hacked Online. So can you tell me what other methods that online fraud could happen….

I’m waiting…

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