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Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone is back in the Game | 2019

Xiaomi has wholly succeeded in the Indian Market. Not because of the number of sales but also because of the quality product. The Xiaomi Mobile Phones are quite useful, affordable and is proved to be one of the dependable and reliable product when it comes to service. Talking of the previous year 2018, Xiaomi has badly sold out 100 millions of smartphones with the end of October(about ten months) 2018 contributing to a massive success to Xiaomi. Xiaomi has recently released a notification of their new upcoming hottest mobile phone of this year 2019 – Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone. But this new Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone has flagged to be consisting of a similar specification as is was with the Xiaomi Poco F1 Mobile Phone, which was released with a bang last year. Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone has SD 845(which Xiaomi Poco F1 had) and a 6 Gigs of RAM which Xiaomi Poco F1 Mobile Phone already consisted of.

But without wasting any other penny of time Let’s get to know what new does Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone has reached for this New Year….

Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone comes with a same Octa-Core Snapdragon 845 SoC backed up by a 6 GIgs of RAM. For the better gaming experience, we’re going to have a Qualcomm Adreno 630. However, we might get an 8 or 10 Gigs of RAM too. It’s usually be coming with an Android 9 Pie, the latest version of the Android which will be using the newest MIUI 10 as their skin.

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Despite all the capricious comments, Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone will be sailing its ship over the Chinese Market on February. The device has been benchmarked at 2321 for its single-core unit and a big score of 7564 for its multi-core processor. Well, I know that’s not enough for your knowledge, but rest of the details about the device will be unveiled in a session organized by the Xiaomi.

More or less the Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone has not released complete details about the Poco F2 Mobile Phone. But last year the company has successfully deployed their predecessor, and it became one of the best mobile phones for the user.

The Predicted Price of the Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone will be around 20k to 30k which is quite similar to the earlier version. But you need to wait for about 60 days before any confirmed news from Xiaomi.

Let me know what your thoughts about this new Xiaomi Poco F2 Mobile Phone are. What do you think Will it prove to be the next biggest sales unit from Xiaomi Multinational Electronics?

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