Why One Plus 6 is on Crack About One Plus 6?

Recently new Smartphone has been launched as a flagship phone which belongs from China. As its sole and birth place is China so it’s got launched and sold out within the country region on 22nd May 2018. After its arrival the co-founder Pete Lau, expressed a huge gratitude towards its new launch of 2018. Yes off course, you’re going to have all deep dive major features of One Plus’s Technology New Smartphone One Plus 6. The most intriguing, dazzling and nicely designed phone has some worth buying feature so let’s get started with the new runner up while others are still in the marketplace in the present year.

The Dashing Finishing: Design

One Plus 6
Source: www.oneplus.com

The most impressive is the look that this One Plus has brought about is quite praiseworthy. You’ll love to hear that it comes with some amazingly built glass body. It has a really awesome finishing, and it looks quite nice from the front and the back. It’s got a finger scanner at the rear end to unlock your device. But this time it has an oval shape that makes a difference. And obviously you’ll have its recognizable symbol at the rear end of the phone. The notch at the top centre of the phone is quite impressive that offers you to control its appearance by setting it on settings option. The alluring and mesmerizing down fire speakers will surely pump your heart beat a bit faster.


The Bigger Display :

The bigger is better, yes the phone has 6.28 inches of a huge Full HD display screen. It has a 19:9 Aspect Ratio that ensures you a great gaming and vedio viewing experience. Surprisingly it gives you a Full HD, AMOLED, Full Optic display. It keeps the resolution 2280 × 1080 with a 402 pixel per inches of density.

Keeping the bezel less at the top and bottom, it installs a 84% of screen to body ratio. “The mobile phone has built with a notch that can be removed as and when required and allowing the full screen display to you. Since the device is built for once in a time so we’ve designed it differently” – says a spokesperson.

While a few of you don’t like to have a notch, it really serves a great features like front facing camera, LED notification light, earpiece and ambient light sensor.

The Wow Factor : Camera

The great camera features a 16MP + 20MP rear camera having a Sony sensors with f/1.7 aperture. But that’s not all that you get in this phone, still there’s a lot more to explore. It use OIS (Optical Imaging Stabilization) and EIS (Electronic Imaging Stabilization) offering you an excellent low – light shots and a more clear view of the objects by blurring the unwanted objects.

The front facing camera has got a nitrous boost of a 16MP camera giving you a great portrait mode. The phone gives you an ability to capture objects well in dim light space.

Although the camera is not able to capture object clearly when in full zoom mode. But still it serves you a great picture quality.

One new feature that it opens up is the slow motion vedio recording with 4k resolution (you can set resolutions manually) with the greatest 480 frame per second. That means you’re going to have an ultra vedio recording capability. And the frames will decrease as soon as you increase the screen resolution. It can also capture 4k vedio in 40fps (Frames per second).

Overall the camera department is undoubtedly greatly designed features and offers some great vedio and picture quality.

Power Gear : Interface and Processor

It is powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset that gives it an intense power. With Android 8.1 Orea, it works great and without any doubt runs faster and smoother. The game runs smoothly and vedio runs great on this device.


Till now you’ve got all features in your mobile phone but what about power backup?


With a massive 3300mAh of battery backup it will help you run the device for longer runner up, following the previous battery power that they used to offer. The battery will surely support you in all case scenario for a large device usage or normal usage. It’s a quite huge battery as compared to the quality of work.

From zero to 60% in just 30 minutes, that is what the company’s CEO has declared.

This time, the phone will not support wireless charging riding a new way as compared to other phone makers. And that is just because of the glass body. In place of wireless charging, it gives you a special charging called dash charging, offering you a great charging speed that no other device has ever done with charging department. It uses a specially designed wire for charging up the phone. So from here onwards it becomes the first most powerful and fastest wireless charging phone.

Add-on Features:

Talking about some added flavors to this phone. The phone does not allow you to insert an external storage chip to extend your storage space limiting you to its own space. That is just because it doesn’t want to slow down the processing and smoothness of the phone.
Face unlock is another feature that works super fast. It recognizes your face in no time lag with such a precision that you’re unable to unlock it wearing a glass or a covering over your face.

The device uses a very less bezel.

The phone supports a dual 4G SIM cards without any problem.

While it’s found a bit heavier.

Retaining the headphone jack on the phone while many others have removed it. On customers demand, it still persuades its user’s choice of headphone jack on the phone.

Pricing and Buying Option:

The phone comes with a three different color namely Midnight Black, Silk, Mirror Black. And with a three variant priced with a slight variation of few dollars.
:: 6GB/64GB = $529
:: 8GB/128GB = $579
:: 8GB/256GB = $629

So the price is picked at a right place. For those who wanted to have a brand new fully loaded features that owns currently a huge cost undoubtedly. But the phone is packed with some real new added feature so if you wanna have a so called device that runs as faster as a cheetah so you should consider it at once.

But for those who already own a previous version of One Plus they are not required to invest on this device for sure. If you have some real money, then you may check out some other devices for sure.

You find One Plus 6 amazing. Go buy it from here:

One Plus 6 (Mirror Black) – 6/64 GB


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