Sasmubg Galaxy A80 Mobile Phone [2019]

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy A80 Mobile Phone [2019]

Last year was the year full of various notches at the top head of the devices. Notches are one of the most trendy features of the mobile phones. But technology has now completely evolved and is rising up day by day. Notches were still the first choice for many of the users out there. But humans are for the changes and so with the choices. This time the Samsung Electronics has implemented on their huge Galaxy mobile phones with a fun rising and sliding camera for the selfies.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Mobile Phone owns a brand new camera feature that outstands the device frm others in the market. The device runs on the SoC Snapdragon 730 with the latest Android 9.0 Oreo. The In-dispaly finger print sensor is one of the other major feature of the device.

Design And Display

Sasmubg Galaxy A80 Mobile Phone [2019]
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The Samsung Galaxy A80 has been built up of a beautiful shiny glass body endorsed by a metallic corners. When holding the device on hand it’ll make you feel really special and is comfortable.

It is a 76.5 x 165.2 x 9 mm in dimension. Also it feels quite heavy weighing 219g. And that is quite heavy holding a device.

The Bixby power button is available at the right end while the volume buttons are available at the left end of the device. Both the buttons are easy to access as far as you’ve a bigger hands to hold on the device.

At the rear end of the device is a trademark logo of “Samsung”.

The most astonishing feature of the device is a pop-up camera that outstands the device from others in the makers in the market. Meanwhile the pop camera reckons of the Vivo Nex Mobile Phone that has similar pop-up camera. But Vivo Nex Mobile Phone has only front raising camera that adore the device.

The front facing camera also poses a problem when comes to covering up a device. In this way it’s almost not possible to have a back cover for the Samsung Galaxy A80 Mobile Phone.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 has no notch at the top head of the device. The front screen has almost zero bezel

The Samsung Galaxy A80 has a Full HD+ AMOLED display unit with a 1080 x 2400p as a screen resolutions. All looks pretty decent and fair enough for the device as it’ll have a gargantuan 6.7 inch of screen display size.


Samsung Electronics never misses to dazzle out the users across the globe using the latest and advanced technological updates. The whole point about the camera of Samsung Galaxy A80 is a rotating camera that swipes up as the front camera is switched on. As it swipes up the back-end camera rolls along horizontally and ready for the shot.

The main camera has a 48MP with an f/2.0 aperture that allows you to capture the in-depth picture of the objects. Alongside, there’s an 8MP ultra-wide camera that will encapture ultra wide shots with a 123 degree view.

The third camera is a 3D live focus depth sensor camera which enables recognizing the warmth of space. It helps in differentiating a between a human and a a non- human. The 3D live focus depth camera sensor has an ability to blur the background objects more efficiently than any other device in the market.

You’ll be having a good amount of background blur of the objects while shooting a video. But this feature will only be observed when video is shot using a rear end camera. The live focus video helps capture the real time objects, blurring the background objects while in motion. Whilst this feature will be active only during the rear facing camera.

Battery And Other Specs

In terms of the stamina, the Samsung Galaxy A80 owns an average 3,700mAh of battery. This could be charged up via a 25W fast charger.

While battery is the major concern of people over massive usage of the device. And the Samsung Galaxy A80 has completely ruined this dream of users.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 operates on a Snapdragon 730 as a SoC combined with an Android 9.0 Oreo.

At the top of the Samsung Galaxy A80 is a octa-core chipset, wearing an 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. And this time you’ll not have an expandable storage device. So this time you need to be careful about the thing that you’re going to fill with.

There’s no headphone jack for you to listen to a music. There’s a single firing speaker at the base of the device and USB 2.0 type – c port. The In-display fingerprint scanner works really well.

Verdict And Release Date of Samsung Galaxy A80

The Samsung Galaxy A80 would be known for it’s astonishing camera feature. Regardless of the camera all other features of the mobile device seems to be collapsing all at once. There is no trace of headphone jack, there’s no notch for the notch lovers, non-expandable memory. Also the Samsung Galaxy A80 weighs some real weight having a 219g and this will hurt some of the users. As generally it’s a 150-170g which feels good and easy to carry and use device. The device has a massive screen display size scaling to a 6.7 inch.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 owns 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage space and that too could not be expanded. There’s no scope for the microSD card so as to expand the storage space limiting you to 128GB space. Accounting to a price tag of 649 Euro(50752.45 INR) for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A80 Mobile Phone. The deviec will be avialable on three colors – black, gold and white.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 Mobile Phone will be releasing on 26th April.

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