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The Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone | Features | Battery | SoC | Price

I’m back I’m back!!! I’m back with another Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone – Nokia says. Here’s what once was called as unbeatable and most trusted Mobile Brand, Nokia is now come up with another bang in the house. The all new featured Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone is on the line. There’s no way you can just escape from the fact that Nokia is coming back to the position where it earlier was. It comes with some realistic features and tweaks that you must or just willing to get to know. The Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone has an infinite display of 5.8 inches larger and that’s quite commendable. It’s got an Android 8.1 Oreo inside the box with an update and this means you can upgrade it to the newest Android P or higher versions.

Feeling Excited??

So without wasting any other penny of time…Let’s get inside this Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone and get to know what it actually has and what’s new does it brings to you and life. Does it really worth your so-called loving money?

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Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018)
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The new Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone has got a stylish Black colored finish with a “Nokia” written at the bottom face of the front end. Well that’s really cool and the most important part of all is the glass back. This is where I got mesmerized whilst the glass back back has its own disadvantages. And you know those peril moment when you just slip your classy mobile device from your hand and certainly the back case gets shattered all the way up. The glass back has their own disadvantages. Additonally, there’s no wireless charging at all in this device. Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone has a small finger-print sensor at the back of the device. Although this doesn’t makes it look different than any other mobile phone. As it works the way all other brand phones are working. So it’s not that new thing. There’s no IP rating available to protect your device from sudden water damage. So you better be aware of this fact. The new unbelievable Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone has not only a glass body and front case. But the sides of the device is made of an Aluminium metal. This is how the device looks more premium and astonishing and is one of the affordable yet attractive mobile phone dropped by the father of all mobile brands – Nokia. It endorses a notch at the top head of the device that looks pretty similar to the notch used by the Apple’s iPhone X series.

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remium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018)
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The most common of all the displays off course it has a gargantuan 5.8 inches of screen display size. And that’s quite bigger. Not bigger than the Apple’s iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max Mobile Phone but that’s commendable. After a long summer vacation Nokia is quite serious about marketing thing and this is why the  new budget Premium Nokia 7.1 sparks with some awesome display and finishing. The screen display this time uses LCD panel which is a drawback of this phone. Since the phone is a responsive LCD screen display but here’s a catch. During day time the contents could not be extremely clear but this filthy display might pose a problem to some of you. But I tell you that’s not a big deal at all as far as you can operate the device.

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Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018)
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The Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone is clinched up with a 12 + 5 MP of rear end camera. But don’t worry if you feel these numbers are not large as Poco F1 Mobile Phone or the upcoming  Samsung Galaxy X. Because the camera are sufficient enough to shoot a clear in-depth picture of objects. The rear camera of the device has f/1.8 aperture that encapsulates the 12MP camera and f/2.4 encapsulates the 5MP camera. And there’s no way to worry about the camera as it can surely captures some of the amazing pictures during lime light and during day light. The camera of the Android One figure always impresses me. Yes there’s are a lot of other specs that disappoints you but this is where you could be feeling better.

The camera quality of the Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone is just awesome and in now way you can defy this unhidden fact. Operated by a Carl Zeiss camera technology it has got some really commendable camera features. And this is not the only reason that it’s camera features are really good but it’s object identifying abilities, the AI specs altogether makes it the most attractive yet the most deserving camera phone.

The live bokeh mode has a special feature that lets you adjust the degree of blur in the background.

You’re all going to get a Pro picture as this might dazzle all your friends and foes if they caught you pics in your social media feed. Whilst there’s a smart gestures like funny faces, bunch of emojis, variety of filters and what not. The color contrast, Auto-HDR, Auto-focus and all the in-built features looks damn goood in this mobile device.

There’s a Google Lens that lets you get a detailed picture of what you’re willing to have. It can efficiently identifies the objects around you and helps you learn some basics of the Machine Learning. It all sounds pretty coooool.

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Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018)
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This brand new Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone has got a 3,060 mAh of battery backup and that is just okay with this mobile device. Although battery seems not to satisfy you but this is where the weight of the phone has been managed to 160g. The phone seems to get a decent amount of battery as it’s just okay with this. The battery is  obviously be made of a Li-ion Powercells. The battery isn’t enough to make your day more blissful as it’s hard to get a day long with this Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone. Yeah that’s right!! It’s not enough to get you through all day long. The battery isn’t that capable to satisfy our gamers. As there’ll be battery issue while playing High-end games since it’ll discharge with some seriousness.

Fortunately the device will get up to the brim in just an hour just because of there’s a quick charge with USB – C port. The HMD Global proudly exclaims that the device will get to the brim in just an hour.

What makes the Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone Different from Others? What’s new inside this Phone?

Alright then, Here’s a plus points that might make you jump outta your backsit. Okay the Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone has got an Android One features. And this is the reason why the company is able to provide a Stock Android everytime with an update to the current Android version unlike other mobile brands.

The Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone fetched up with a single firing speaker at the chin of the device. Seriously there’s nothing good here in the audio department. As the speaker grills aren’t going to give you a killer clear audio experience. Meanwhile you can make use of the headphone jack as there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of the device.

Enjoy the Pure Android version on the Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone with a support of over a year. This sounds pretty coool. After all you’re gonna have a phone with a some decently good features but at some point it amazes you with some chronical specs.

You can have a video recording that entangles a 4k video with some amazing tweaks and hue that makes it look more realistics. The video recording capability and Camera shooting both works really good. That’s quite appreciable.

The Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone uses not the latest but it is one of the best SoC from Snapdragon 636 with a Qualcomm Adreno 509 GPU. The gaming experience is nicely managed by the Nokia developers here but there’s no room for my serious gaming buddies. As games like Pubg, Asphalt 8, etc doesn’t work well with higher frame rates and that’s an issue here. While you can still play games in this device but the real graphics and the enthralling feel isn’t gonna kiss you.

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Nokia has built something new and commendable to say that it’s one of the fine and premium looking mobile phone. This one’s limited to some of the area though it’s just caught my heart and soul. And this is why I’m now loving this mobile device. Although the battery of the new Nokia 7.1 looks just okay with it but the phone is really good. You know what the device is really a supercool with some really AI enabled gestures, Camera features and the UI makes me feel awesome.

Either way the device isn’t that balanced with all the major specs but I really don’t feel that this device consumes a part of your money rather at the end of the day you’ll be feeling proud to have this Premium Nokia 7.1 mobile phone on your hand. The device that’s packed up with Premium finish and astonishing Stock Android, the camera specialization and this in turn leaves a reason to by this Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone.

A humble recommendation – With a price range of 29k – 30k you can surely have a mobile phone that covers all your basics as well as necessary requirements. And henceforth you can have a OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 5 or Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro or Poco F1 Mobile Phone(looks are not premium) and lastly it’s your decision to which kind of mobile phone you’re comfortable with.

While you can tell me your mind blowing opinions and view points about this new Premium Nokia 7.1 Mobile Phone.

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