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Sizzling Vivo Apex Mobile Phone | 2019

Vivo Communications-Electronics Co. Lmt. Is a Chinese Multinational Company from Dongguan, China. So the previous year we’ve got to glare at the Vivo Nex Mobile Phone that’s built crazily owing to futuristic front camera feature that pops up when switched ON. Well, that was past, and the future is a Vivo Apex Mobile Phone. There’s no way you can ignore this hot nut going to launch this month on the coming MWC 2019. This will be first ever mobile phone of its kind which doesn’t have any notch, no volume control buttons, minimalist bezel and many more to be revealed on this article about the Vivo Apex Mobile Phone 2019.

Let’s now get acquainted with the most exciting figure in the Mobile Phone Market of 2019….

The Vivo Apex Mobile Phone is one of the most riveting mouth watering Mobile Phone of 2019. The Vivo Apex Mobile Phone is getting harder with their competitor. This will be another most significant launch of Vivo. The Vivo Apex Mobile Phone has a fantastic 98.0 Percent of screen to body ratio. That means that as is said by the company itself it’s the first most exceptional mobile phone which will have almost zero bezels. The screen is a 5.99inches of OLED display channel. On the screen is a fingerprint scanner that captures your fingerprint profoundly and provides an extreme level of security to the user.

There’s no notch at the top head of the mobile phone which nowadays almost every other company used to cry for a mime.

Surely this will going to be the jaw-dropping mobile phone for many of the users.

Vivo Apex Mobile Phone - TechieSurge 2019
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Despite all the other features, the Vivo Apex Mobile Phone will be having a 12GB of RAM with an internal storage space of 256GB. And let me remind you that this will be the first mobile phone that’s having 12GB of RAM. It’s beautifully packed up and ran by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855(latest chipset).

Additionally, there’s no power button or volume rocker buttons. Instead, there’s a touch sensible operator at the edges of the mobile phone to operate the same. There’s a 3.5mm headphone jack(spatial thanks to Vivo, where everyone in the world is dispatching the headphone jacks).

The most astonishing thing of all is the camera feature where when you’re ready to shoot a picture the front camera gets automatically pops out within a fraction of seconds. For the rear end, there’s a single camera with a flash along the vertical segment.

While Vivo Apex Mobile Phone was under the project since the last couple of years and now it’s a dream come true for the users and the company.

Vivo Apex Mobile Phone - TechieSurge 2019
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Now you’ll be asking me where the hell on earth does the Vivo Apex going to show their face-off?

This time Vivo has decided to launch the Vivo Apex Mobile Phone in the MWC 2019 at Fira de Barcelona, Spain, Europe. This will continue from 25 – 28 February 2019.

The Vivo Apex Mobile Phone Supports 5G Connections or Not?

Yes, of course, the upcoming Vivo Apex Mobile Phone surely supports the 5G connections.

When will the Amazing Vivo Apex Mobile Phone Release?
Most probably the Vivo Apex Mobile Phone will be released on 29 Feb 2019.

What is the Vivo Apex Mobile Phone Price in India?

The Vivo Apex Mobile Phone is priced up at __?
Well, the price of the phone is still a riddle and will be disclosed by the company during the MWC 2019.

Well, it’s not the complete article on the Vivo Apex Mobile Phone but there will be an entire article on this latest mobile phone will be releasing on our blog soon. So stay tuned with us.

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