Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018)

Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone: Is it the stone breaker?

Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone is the new launch form the Red Company. Back in the year 2017 July, the company announced Red’s Hydrogen One Mobile Phone with the most unusual feature on the phone unlike anyone else in the market. The phone has a holographic effect on the display that makes the major difference. There are a lot more features that creates the difference that most of you didn’t know till now. So Let’s get started with it….

Who is RED?

RED is widely known for its amazing quality cameras that is mostly used in the Cinemas. RED builts a 4k, 5k, 6k and 8k cameras that are extensively used and adopted as a primary camera device for movie making.
RED was first originated in 1999 in Irvine, California by Jarret Land and James Jannard.

What is a Hologram?

Hologram is a 3-Dimensional Projection which comes in effect when rays of light combines to form a perfect image of the object.

Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018)

Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone is the most ambitious mobile phone for all as per its latest specs and configuration. Still there are some unknown features that is only be revealed after its successful launch. The phone supports an amazingly built 4V Holographic Vedio Content without the need of 3D glasses.

It’s getting inside the market place on the next year 2019 on April. Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone clarifying all its doubts regarding the ultra-amazing feature of the phone. While the company is offering some delicious feature that might allure you challenging other Flagship devices already prevailing in the market.

What is the price of Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone?

The Price almost bangs you on a head as it’s a mighty 1,195 USD for Aluminium Version and 1,595 USD for the pretty Titanium Version of the device. The price seems to be a fair as fas as the features are concerned. There’s is no other device that feels like a challenge to this phone with a monstrous feature. The price might pick up high as is said by the company as the phone releases.

When is the Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone will get launched?

The device will be launched in and placed in the market place on the month of April in 2019 as is confirmed by Verizon and AT&T.

The Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone….

brings a nice version of Holographic display to the phone and this is the only reason that this device is widely known. And yes the live working of the phone is still a mystery, and no one knows yet.
As of now the company claims to bring forth an ultra dashing phone to the market but the type of screen display used is not yet confirmed. But we can surely say that it’s gonna be an OLED display on the screen. Adding some rich flavoured feature to it.

Adding all the features to it the phone is like a Thanus of Avengers in the mobile market as it has great powers that nobody in the market place holds. Yet its has few similar features, but that doesn’t make it more like them.

Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone has got an ultra dazzling screen and…..

A FHD+ screen having a 5.7 inches of a huge screen display size with a 2,560 × 1,440 pixels of resolutions. The screen is the ace of this device as it has an unexpectedly the Holographic screen which is not seen in any of the devices up till now. This will be first and the foremost phone that has this Holographic feature at the shot. This doesn’t require any kind of 3-D glass to see or use the phone.

There’s no clue found about the kind of screen display that would be used in the phone. But most probably taking care of the price of the device it could take away AMOLED or OLED kinda display with it.
Meanwhile the device is fully loaded with 2D and 3D vedio and camera recording feature at the shot. And the file format will be Red’s 4V type.

Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone from Red’s company brings…

Ultra wider screen of 5.7 inches of display screen size plus the front part of the phone isn’t that cool and might not attract some of you.

Talking of the edges of the phone, the Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone has sight bulged out dragon nails like side edges. This might make you feel more comfortable and ease to have a grip of the device. This might be helpful for those who are making vedio recording or anything like that.

The back end of the phone is slight curved out that might seem unusual but it’ll help you have a stronger grip. And off course this is because of the extended camera that features some unusual 4K , 2D and 3D recordings. Like

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X, we’ve got an ultra slim Bezel-less phone, but this phone doesn’t seem to have such a finish. There’s nothing like less bezel or infinite screen but a phone with a some amount of bezel.

The all new Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone is all about camera and vedio recording that….

Red Hydorgen One Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018)

Is furnished with a 2D, 3D and H4V with a Holographic screen at the front. All these improvements looks great and the excitement to have it at once is at a peak. More about how many pixels does this camera featured mobile phone using is still unknown to us. But the bright side of the phone is cameras that it holds. Getting more seller inside the camera of the phone, the phone has a small apertura and a large pixel size and this means the phone will be able to capture the objects/subjects more preciously and accurately.

The phone is built with some great camera feature that it enables you to connect an external device to use it for a recording purpose. This is what we’ve had in a Moto Z3 Play that allows you to connect some external mods.

The Battery back up of….

Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone is having a tremendous 4,500mAh of battery life. Regarding the complete details about the battery is still not known to us and is not disclosed by the company itself.

The battery capacity is quite similar to the Moto G7 and Moto E5 Plus Mobile Phones. But yes there’s nothing like the Red’s Hydrogen One Mobile Phone that its going to come up with. Like the Motorola’s Moto Z3 Play the Red’s Mobile Phone is covering extra accessories to level up their brand.


Lets see when did the Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phone visits the Market Place and How far it goes with it…

And you let me know that what’s that one feature that made you jump outta 6th floor of the building..

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