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Nokia is a multinational telecommunication, information technology and consumer electronic company that honestly serving you since 1865. It’s headquartered at Espoo, Finland. The company has its own stardom in the field of tech.
The company brought forth its first mobile phone in 1991. The first call was made by a person who is a Prime Minister of Finland. He used Nokia 1011 Model giving their consumer a new way to talk to a person who is far away from him. The first GSM phone was commercially made available.
Since then the company has launched a lot of successful models to their consumers. A year ago, the company has launched a phone called Nokia 3310 Model which is quite simple handset owing which will only satisfy those who’s follower of an older version of Nokia having keypads. Following which his elder brother has arrived this year with a brand new Mobile Phone called Nokia 8110 4g. The phone doesn’t dazzle you as it’s not that astonishing eye – catchy look. The phone is built inimitably having banana color and shape too. Without wasting any single minute let’s jump deep inside what’s this brand new phone has got with it.


The phone has not built to attract the worldwide consumer but to bring forth its new phone to its users. The phone looks similar to banana having a yellowish color. It has a keypad covered with a slider which is similar to the phone used in some of the hollywood movies. It has a plastic body, and the slider built uniquely. The plastic body ensure you that it doesn’t break easily due to an accidental drop or sudden whack.
It is so designed that it can give you a nice pleasure while making a phone call as it’s build smartly to hold it perfectly.
The curved shape so designed will sometime disturbs you when kept in pocket. Because of its shape it will certainly sounds imperfect.


It’s got a 2.4 inches QVGA Display (160×120) screen. It’s quite impressive and workable for reading text, playing games (like a snake), viewing images and certainly you’re goanna miss movies, high – end games, etc.
And yes the phone comes with a black and yellow color variant. Consisting of 4GB of internal storage, headphone jack along with FM Radio and it has some inbuilt apps like Facebook, twitter and many more.

Camera and battery

The Nokia 8110 4G phone comes with a 2MP rear camera with a flash which is good for these kind of phones. The phone does allow you to share on your social media profiles but lacking editing features after snapping a picture.
When most features may disappoint you the stronger battery life would surely rise against all odds. It has a total 1500 mAh of battery life. It’s considered to withstand 25 days on standby. While 8.5 hours of LTE voice call which sounds quite awful.

Processor and interface

It’s not surprising to hear that it doesn’t come with some powerful processors. Nokia 8110 4G handset has snapdragon 205 chipset with a 512MB of RAM.
Enabling 4G VoLTE network allows you to surf internet at a faster pace. This means that something more can be done with it unlike surfing net more apps can be used. The updated version of snake runs perfectly on this phone.
The 4G connection enables you to allow it to use it as a hotspot zone to connect other devices.

Verdict & Pricing

The phone is built for someone who is looking for a secondary handset instead of a smartphone that may dead due to heavy usage or some other reasons. It’s like the elder brother of Nokia 3310 which came to existent last year (2017).
The price of the phone is also set quite high – $100 (~6000INR) which should be low as per the device’s specifications. SO if you want same funky looking phone instead of smartphone then go for it. Give it a try and make use of it. If you find this phone useful then go buy it.

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