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Motorola One Power | Features | Latest Leaks | 2018

Motorola One Power | Features | Latest Leaks | 2018

Motorola has recently come up with the latest “Motorola One Power” in the market after successfully deploying the latest Moto G and Moto G Play this year. Motorola is trying something new with this upcoming rumoured phone that we scooped. Motorola One Power, often known as Motorola Android One is the new Flagship phone of Motorola.


Motorola, Inc. actually was an American Multinational Telecomm. company originally founded by Paul Galvin and Joseph Galvin on 25 Sep, 1928. That was based on and headquartered at Chicago, Illinois, United States.

The latest model in moto has been named as a Motorola One Power and not Moto One Power. And that just because Lenovo bought Motorola mobility from Google in 2014.

The Motorola One Power is designed and ornamented with a metal unibody. The phone has extremely less bezel as expected and a little more surface at the chin of the face of the Motorola One Power. It’s backed with a dual vertical rear camera with an LED flash at the middle of the two. The Motorola One Power sports a bit bigger notch than earlier released latest smartphones like iPhone X, One Plus 6, Smartisan R1, etc.

This time the logo is not separately designed to incorporate and attract the user rather its put inside the fingerprint sensor at the back of the body. There is a USB-C port with a speaker grill at the bottom of the Motorola One Power.

As per recent investigations, the all new Motorola One Power will be releasing on 30 June 2018.

I hoped you enjoyed my article on the latest rumoured smartphone Motorola Android One or Motorola One Power.


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