Motorola Moto P30 mobile phone - TechieSurge(2018)

Motorola Moto P30 mobile phone: A Replica of iPhone X’s mobile phone

Just like all new recent launch of the iPhone X. Motorola mobile phone makers are up with the latest all new Motorola Moto p30 mobile phone. Its most probably be launched this year, 2018 of August. The reason that I resemble it with iPhone is, the look of Moto P30 mobile phone was almost similar to the iPhone X. The rear part of the Moto P30 mobile phone has got a fingerprint sensor with a dual vertical camera setup perfectly looking glamorous in this outlook.

Motorola Moto P30 mobile phone - TechieSurge(2018)

Do You Know?

The company, Motorola was first started as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in Chicago, Illinois in 1968. While other major accessories were bought up by both Paul V Galvin and Joseph E Galviin just 768USD.

Motorola Moto P30 mobile phone - TechieSurge(2018)

This is going to be another major mobile phone from Motorola that will be having less bezel with a notch covering day-to-day trends. The Moto P30 mobile phone is just the copy of the iPhone mobiles. But who cares if you’re going to have a mobile phone having all the major features that a 60k or more than that offers. Isn’t it a good choice? 

Well, lets move on to the Major Specifications that this Moto P30 mobile phone comes with…..

The Moto P30 mobile phone runs on an Octa core Snapdragon 636 chipset having a 6GB of RAM. With a Full HD+ display of 1080 * 2246 pixels you’re gonna enjoy all the movies, gaming, vedio streaming and all. It has a 402 PPI that means picture’s gonna be more vivid and clear.

The Phone has an amazing Dual rear camera setup of a 16+5MP camera with a Dual LED Flash. And don’t worry about selfies at all you’re going to have a 12MP front camera for selfies.

The battery being the modest of all is 3000mAh which I don’t feel that it can survive for a long run. Yet the phone has fast charging mode enabled with it. It has a Type-C USB port wit h it.

And yeah, One major feature of the phone is the gargantuan display that it offers for you. It has a bigger 6.2 inches of screen display size(Yes that’s way too big leaving behind the iPhone X’s display size).
The Moto P30 is arriving on the market place as soon as September 15 of this year. With a pricing of 303USD(2,099CYN) for 64GB of storage and 360USD(2,499CYN) for 128GB of storage space.

And Lastly let me know if you raeally wanted to have it or not? What are the driving features that will make you buy this iPhone looking mobile phone. 

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