Habblephone - TechieSurge(2018)

Meet the insanely built 5G Phone – HubblePhone

The HubblePhone is the new future phone built with some insanely designed structure including some of less known features. The HubblePhone’s got staggering look and awesome design.

HubblePhone - TechieSurge(2018)
Credits: gizmodo.cz

Are you gonna hold this phone on your hand? And why not, are you going in a tour and wanna have some selfie with your friends and family? You know what the HubblePhone has got some intriguing dazzling features like maximum foldability, large screen, and awesome design.

When it comes to manufacturer, then comes the only name, and that is, Turing. Yes, Turing is the firm that designed this amazing phone but yet the phone is still under some moderation and require some rectifications and all.

Without wasting any other minute of time, lets directly jump onto the display feature of HubblePhone…

Display of the HubblePhone is the major point to be noticed. Since the device has absolutely having 4 screens as per reports of Digital trends while the teaser of the HubblePhone reveals of 2 visible screens. Well, this riddle will be solved by the company itself releasing all the details before release.

HubblePhone - TechieSurge(2018)
Credits: techspot.com

The display has got a hinge that connects the two visible screens. Still it’s not known which one will be the main screen and/or what’s going to be the supportive or might all three or two screens acts as a screen like when a single screen converts itself into a two working spaces.

The Ultimate Design of the HubblePhone…

The HubblePhone seems more like an obsolete flip phone that was used in the past days when the mobile phones were rising all around the world.

The device will be using the optical zooming capability. While most of the devices ignore as they used to use the small aperture cameras on the phone. That enables them to capture more details but while you zoom in the object/subjects gets blur or unclear.

Turing claims to have a vedio editing tool embedded into the phone. And that too made the device to feature more vivid vedio shots and editing.

And guess what most astonishing of all is that the phone will be using two Snapdragon 855 chipset inside the chest having 5G enabled with AR(augmented reality), VR(virtual reality) and MR(mixed reality) for an unexpectedly new gaming experience.

And the fact about Snapdragon 855 is that it’s going to be launching in December 2018. Alongside the HubblePhone claims to make use of this processor and this is what an amazing thing about the device.

After all the phone will be arriving not in the upcoming months or recent months but on the year 2020. So you’ve to wait for a long being.

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The Pocket Burning Price…. 

The phone is undoubtedly been placed at a high price by phone maker, Turing. This is gonna be all-time high priced smartphone leaving behind all other smartphone makers.

It’s launching with a 2,750 USD (~18,8500 INR, 2090 EURO, 3700 AUD). And this will certainly be making it the most expensive device of all time.

Turing has declared that the HubblePhone will be releasing on June 2020 on US, August 2020 for Europe, September for China and following months on other countries.

Turing’s a great idea on developing a mobile phone will gonna be true and users will gonna be enjoy using the less known featured phone on the year 2020. A great idea on re-modifying the phone but its gonna burn your pocket completely.

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