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Make Your Day With the Upcoming Moto Z3 Play | 2018

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Here comes the another Flagship phone of Motorola Moto Z3 Play, the third stake of Moto Z series first launched on 2016. Following which the third most unpredictable flagship smartphone with some really cool features in-built inside has been launching soon. Upgrading some features of previous versions of Moto Z series it works far better than earlier Moto Phones.

This time it comes with a Snapdragon 636 chipset inside. The dual camera on the rear will give you a perfect portrait and landscape picture. At the Front end it’s now became 8MP from a 5MP camera allowing a better version of selfie.

Also, the Moto Z3 has thrown away 3.5mm headphone jack, an incredible decision that many of you unwillingly has to accept and rely with it.

The Moto Phones comes with ridiculously thick edges giving totally a different outlook to the phone. The most crucial changes are done inside the phone that is okay with it. But the problem here comes with a battery life that is a bit shorter which is quite common in Moto Phones. Most amazing thing is that the phone allows Moto Mods that might take you to the next level.

Moto Z3 play still finds interesting and attractive among the buyers. The phone is capable of multitasking and can be impressive among your friends and foes.

Let’s talk of the design of the phone..

The phone is quite similar to the latest Moto G6 (if you’ve seen). Motorola brilliantly advancing its design as it has an aluminium finish and that too with a less bezel pushing inside the sides of the phone allowing least unused space to the phone.

Although Moto Z3 play has not been changed so much as it could be used in Moto Mods. The only thing that differ is the thickness of the device. This time the phone is having 6.7mm thickness as compared to the earlier version of the Moto Phones having 5.9mm thickness. The height and width (156.6 × 76.5 mm) remains the same.

Adding a 2160 × 1080 pixels of wide screen resolution with an AMOLED screen with an aspect ratio of the screen being shifted from the 16:9 to 18:9 (or 2:1)  allowing a great view for watching Movies, playing games, etc. In spite of this, the power is shifted to the left side and volume button and fingerprint sensor being at the right side of the phone. The finger sensor allows you to power on and off by holding a finger at the sensor. That proves to be an alternative to the power button which is what will be less used now.

The other major changes are the headphone jack which is replaced by a thick lining of an aluminum case. That means no headphone jack for the Moto G6 play. The G6 play has no waterproofing for any protection towards unwanted water.

Back to the Performance of the phone..

Moto G6 play runs on the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 636 Chipset back-end by 4GB of RAM, that is what makes this phone steady and a perfect runner-up besides others with a moderate budget.

Latest Moto G6 play comes with a 32GB or 64GB variant. Storage full? Don’t worry the phone allows you to expand the storage space to extend your memory using microSD card.

Moving on to the picture quality…

Enhancing the phone’s camera quality is another plus point for the phone. The Moto Z3 has a dual rear camera having a 12MP with an f/1.2 aperture and a 5MP sensor to enhance and measure the depth of for its portrait mode. Adding a flavour to the camera quality but still it lacks the in-depth and clear picture quality.

The front facing camera is packed with a 8MP camera that was 5MP in the earlier versions of Moto Phones.

Moto is like any other smartphones brand that is adopting a new Google Lens into use that is compatible with the user experience (UX).

The battery isn’t the worst yet not praiseworthy, but it’s just good with it. Moto Z3 has a 3000mAh of battery life that is what less than the previous version of Moto Phones having a 3510mAh capacity. But here you can expect to be reliable for an estimated a day long for a battery to be alive.
Currently you can make a pre-order which will be officially available on the coming month, July. Moto Z3 Play has a Moto Mod giving a 2,220mAh in the box. Consequently, giving a huge battery pack of around 5000mAh of battery. You’ll be able to own it from Walmart, Fry’s, Amazon Prime, and via B&H photo. That might help amazon prime subscribers to save a bit of money while buying Moto Phones.
The Moto Z3 has been priced at $499 for this brand new Flagship smartphone. The price is somewhat worthy of it as its just limited to some extent of features limiting you to some unpredictable oddity.

With this exclusive launch of Moto Z3, the new buyers will get attracted as there’s something new in this Moto Phone that can allure people around the globe. What you can expect to be with the Flagship phone comes with Moto Z3 so undoubtedly it’s going to be one of the impressive phone. But the one who is going to have new smartphone they may have better one spending a bit more.
For now the phone is ranked as a perfect budget phone. Finally the Moto Mods are the ones that makes it a must-buy phone that has some sustainable and affordable features making your life more comfortable with some amazing gadgets. So let’s hope for the successful arrival of the Moto Z3 in July.


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