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LG v40 Thinq mobile phone | 5 Cameras | 6.4 inches Screen Size | 3,300mAh Battery….

LG v40 mobile phone specs Explained…

Earlier this year we’ve seen LG v30 mobile phone that was just released a month ago in the market. The LG v40 mobile device seems to be quite similar to the LG v30 mobile phone in terms of looks. The same bezel-less design and the same interface but there are few noticeable things. There are all in all five cameras in this device out of which three are packed up in the rear end. The Rear end of the phone could capture three shots at a time using a General lens, Telephoto lens and an extra wide angle lens. While the front end has a dual lens with 8+5 MP camera that hopefully snaps bright and wide angle pictures of the objects. The small notch at the top head of the device holding a dual lens and a small speaker grills makes him look cogent. The LG v40 can swim for few minutes as it’s a water-resistant device. LG v40 has got a gargantuan a 6.4 inches of screen display size at the front end. The device performs impeccably faster than ever using a Snapdragon 845 chipset suported by a 6GB of RAM. So let’s get tarted with this astonishing mind-blower mobile device LG v40 ThinQ. I don’t know why this is named as ThinQ whilst there’s nothing like extra slim body. I mean it’s a slim body but why exaggerating it.

LG v40 mobile phone featurse explained - TechieSurge(2018)
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But before we get inside this LG v40, the flagship device of LG. Lets do some warm-up here…

Few interesting facts about LG Electronics….

  • LG Electronics is actually a South Korean based multinational electronics company serving all across the globe.
  • LG is the first one to deploy the curved screen on the mobile devices
  • LG is the second most selling TV brand of India and of world.
  • LG was the first to adopt for capacitive touch screen.

DIsplay & Design of LG v40 mobile phone

The Phone is completely made of a Metal-Body. The screen is all that makes the difference from rest of the embroidment. The front face is made of an OLED display. With an On-Screen finger-print sensor on the front face you can unlock the device without any hiccups. Also there’s a finger-print sensor at the back of the device. The Slim body absolutely gonna make you give a premium feel. The notch at the top head position is quite similar to the Fabulous iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max mobile devices.

The LG v40 mobile phone is a Flagship phone of LG Electronics. You’ll absolutely be getting a headphone jack of 3.5mm that most of the mobile devices have just removed it for the sake of trend. The curved slim edges are simply amazing(looks great). The LG v40 is just a 168grams in terms of weight and that too is lighter than iPhone’s XS Max(208g) and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9(201g). The phone has got an extra Boombox single speaker that might unsurprisingly surprise you. Though there’s a single speaker but you might never regret for the dual one.

Camera Features of LG v40 mobile phone

The all new LG v40 has made it to the edge point of the peak. The LG v40 has a total three cameras at the back part of the device. The Front end has got an awesome two cameras that captures all your beauty and environment within space. So let’s break it down into the most adorable features of this five camera featured mobile phone….

LG v40 mobile phone features explained - TechieSurge(2018)
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The Primary Rear Camera in LG v40 has…

A general 12MP sensor that captures all common objects and subjects around you. It captures as far as 78 degrees of Field of View and that’s almost 5 degrees more than that of Apple’s iPhone. With a f/1.5 aperture this camera can capture more objects since it goes more wider than ever. This small aperture points to the fact that it can absorb more amount of light. That means the camera can capture the clear vivid shots of objects/subjects at some measurable distance. Fortunately the camera favors single frame picture mode that helps capture a great picture without getting blurred during motion. While iPhone did the same but instead of using a single frame they used four frame shot that in turn made a huge difference.

The Telephoto Camera has a 12MP camera that… 

Works fine with the LG v40 and all the other V series mobile device of LG. The Telephoto concept of photography first embedded in the iPhones and Samsung devices. The origin doesn’t matter but the quality does. Here in LG v40 series the phone can give a perfect shot of objects at larger distance without getting blurred the surrounding objects. That’s what has been upgraded in this LG v40 Thinq mobile device.

The Amazingly Built Super-Wide Angle Camera with a…

16MP camera having f/1.8 aperture lens. This simply indicates of serving a clear picture of the objects of far held objects. Unfortunately this camera will not be able to capture the nearby objects because of small aperture lens. The camera can roll out to max 107 degrees of FOV(field of view).This time the camera does not support that higher OIS(optical image stabilization) which most of the mid-ranger mobile devices like Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Pro and many others offers.

Talking of the two front facing camera has a…

Primary Camera of 12MP sensor with f/1.9 aperture that encompases a max of 80 degress of FOV(field of view) Various AI features makes it distinguishable and stand out in the market. This seems to be a great strep from LG firm. Additionally there’s a 5MP sensor for wide angle camera shot. The greater angle of 120 degrees of FOV(field of view) will capture almost all objects clearly.

The Three Shot Lens, Portrait Mode, Cine Mode, and Cine Vedio…

While LG v40 mobile phone has made it for the first time ever… Yeah the triple shot camera can take a triple shot at a time. One for each – Primary, Telephoto and Wide-Angle and that too of high-quality. Don’t ever bother of the quality of the sensor. The Rear camera has an in-built Triple shot, Portrait mode, Cine Shot and Cine Vedio.

The Triple shot as the name suggest undoubtedly be capturing your loving adorable moments in just 4secs. While you tap on the triple shot the rear end camera operates one-by-one. And you don’t need to worry about three different shot adjusting manually. The rear camera lacks the OIS(optical image stabilisation). Despite this all works really great.

The Portrait mode especially lacks on the in-depth color department. The background and corners may lack color mixture. Leaving behind this err all works fine.

The Cine mode refers to the Cinematography mode where you can work on your captured picture and enhance it make it animated. It works by taking a 6 sec vedio shot and later on you can make it animated wherever you wanted to. The LG v40 mobile phone works great on making things animated. Thats what Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play mobile phone had done with.

And Yeah don’t evemn worry about the vedio shots as you’ll have an UHD 4k vedio recording camera rolls.


Waaaooow I feel like its got an alocholic flavor in it. Since everything seems to be okay with this device as it gets its job done via via Snapdragon 845 Chipset on its head. There are 8 cores in total that pumps up the device and helps him cool down while working. The device undoubtedly works faster than ever. Well the LG v40 mobile phone has got something better and this makes him the beast in this prize range. No way I feel like this one is gonna kill all other brands in the market having similar prize range. I mean the features that it holds is a Waaaaoow. The UI is better as usual there’s no time lag between opening and closing of the apps. Powered by a marvelous 6GB of RAM on its chest the core performance is better and outrank its own mobile phone, LG v30.

LG v40 mobile phone lags behind when it comes to OS of the system. As the device runs on an Android 8.1 Oreo while it was supposed to have a latest Android 9.0. But that’s not a big deal at all that is okay with this mobile device as soon as the device works properly and superfast.

Additionally there are pre-installled apps that come along with this LG v40 – Panda Pop, Rescue Saga and Cooking Jam. Few Other Apps QuickMemo+, Messaging, LG Health, HD Audio Recorder, File Manager, Downloads and Calculator. At the same time you can uninstall apps as per your requirement.

Battery Backup of LG v40 mobile phone…

Has a Maximum 3,300mAh battery backup. Quite disappointing? No..not at all since the Li-ion can survive for almost all day long. There’s no way that make you worry about the battery life. The battery could get up to the brim very fast. The device could be charged up using wireless charging device and also supports the Quick Charge 3.0 mode. Yeah, that’s less than Samsung galaxy Note 9 mobile device but you need to figure out that LG has made a big sacrifice on this part in order to make LG v40 mobile phone more slim and faster processors to contribute more on performance part.

Releas Date and Price…

The LG v40 mobile phone has been picked up at around $900-$980(~68,000 INR) and that’s okay with this device I guess. Still the price is not reavealed by thh company itself but will be known to you by the 18th October(expexted). This is the date when the company is launching the LG v40 mobile phone. You need to simply wait for the LG v40 mobile phone.


I feel like he’s my prince charm of my kingdom as there’s no blot i can point out from this device. First of all the features that outstand this device from others – 3 featured rear cameras, 2 front facing cameras, slim look, boombox single speaker, Cine vedio, Cine shot and a lot other remarkable features. All the features specified as per LG Electronics is quite appreciable and made it to the phone that worth the money. One downside that this phone holds with it is the 3,300mAh of battery which I consider to be lesser than its competition. Well overall I mark it as one of the featured phone of LG that it has ever made. Its the first of its kind that has a total 5 cameras and all major features that one willing to have.

Buying Option…

Well I consider it to be an all-rounder mobile phone. So should you take a chance on it? Ahhh.. depends on your primary criteria of usability of the mobile device. I always make it clear to you that the new mobile phone should fill all your requirements and that’s it….You’ll have a best phone in the world. No matter which brand it is made of. No matter what I say, neighbours say, others say..the one that has all that you eagerly willing to have will be your best mobile device

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Hmm….Don’t be shy…Comment down your opinions to let me know what you think of this mobile device..

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