Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Latest Leaks of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | 2018

August gonna be more fun as it’s going to be a Samsung Month. The all new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is arriving with a kind of gravitational force pulling phone lovers towards itself giving some unforgettable amazing features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung is an electronic and multinational firm located and headquartered at Seoul, South Korea. Samsung being delivering its Note Series since 2011 with Samsung Galaxy Note. And now comes the all New Samsung’s Flagship Phone Galaxy Note 9.

The leaked look, design…

When it comes to Samsung’s Note Series, you can easily envisage of the gargantuan mobile phone. With a large display, it has updated its previous version of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Leaving behind its own heirs Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

The phone most likely looks like a rectangular box having a finger sensor at the back and below the dual rear camera. The back will be completely glassy and smooth enough to handle.

However, the finger sensor has been moved below the dual camera of the back that is what similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 but the dual camera is comfortably fitted horizontally above the finger sensor.

Now adding some flavor to it, the phone owes a 3.5mm headphone jack, speaker grill, USB-C port, S Pen silo, curved less bezel, power button and volume button on the left side, and a Bixby button on the right.

Apparently, the phone has been coming with the 6.3 inches of screen size. The phone apparently coming with dimensions, 161.6 × 76.3 × 8.8 mm which is slight thicker and wider than Galaxy Note 8. So roughly the size remains almost same as compared to a previous version of Note Series.

In-Screen Finger Sensor

What’s most interesting is the in-screen finger sensor which has been rumoured highly indicating that could be built inside the phone’s screen.
The Galaxy 9 will have both an in-screen sensor and a tremendous battery life of 3,850 mAh – Sources.

Both Samsung and Apple has been working on in-screen sensor but they both have failed to achieve this in time and are delaying the so-called feature. Even Apple has dumped the idea of in-screen sensor on its most recent phone Apple iPhone X.

Hopefully the Samsung will unveil the most trendy and digitalized in-screen finger sensor most probably on their next launch with Samsung Galaxy X.
As of now, Huawei and Vivo has shown up the in-screen finger sensor while Samsung has been using an in-screen ultrasonic based fingerprint sensor for the Note 9. While Huawei and Vivo are using a light based optical under glass fingerprint sensor.

Have some other rumors and leaks….

With all new Flagship phone, it is packed with a massive 3,850mAh battery life which si quite greater than the other Samsung Phones. Smashing Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 3,300mAh and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, 3,500mAh of battery and so it can be more reliable and stronger enough to withstand a day long.

Surprisingly, other sources has said that it is packed with a huge 4,000mAh of battery life and a great screen size, 6.4 inches so I’m not pretty sure about what the upcoming device comes with. But all we can do is hope for a better Samsung’s Flagship Phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been intriguing Snapdragon 845 Chipset and a 6GB of RAM. Latest Android 8.1 Oreo helps run the device smoother and faster. There’s also been rumours that the device will be expandable up to 256GB of storage with a 6GB of RAM.

The brand has been working for bendable edges for which it may arrive on its recent smartphones coming this year. However the company is far away from such feature and is currently experimenting with this feature. And most probably at the end of this year the phone will have a similar feature in their phone.

Bur the phone will arrive with these laudable features in the upcoming series of Samsung. Since the company doesn’t want to experiment in its Flagship phone Galaxy Note 9.

The phone will be equipped with a METAL-12 case that’s both strong and light enough to carry and work with.

The phone is confirmed to be using an NPU(Neural Processing Unit). That’s the part of AI like Apple and Huawei has used in their flagship phones – Korean Herald. Its totally unknown that what would the chip do but it could enhance and speed up the phone’s performance for sure.
It’s fortunate to see that the phone is using an AMOLED display, an S Pen plus stylus and having an atleast 6GB of RAM. The internal storage would scale to a maximum at 128GB of space.

Most probably the phone will be working on Snapdragon 845 chipset or Exynos 9810 chipset that’s what we saw in the S9 and S9 Plus.

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Across all the rumours, I have found a few of the most anticipated features that might come along with this latest flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

In-Screen Scanner

What we all could expect is the in-screen sensor at the front that will surely impresses their users around the globe. The sensor at the back would look quite awkward as it will be of less or no use. That not only makes you aww but will look quite futuristic, high – tech and that’s what the world is waiting for.
So hope for the best and lets wait until the launch of the phone.

Housefull Music

What we can expect in the music department is the growling 2 rear speakers that can fill the room with a complete clear voice. What was not in the Galaxy Note 8, should be included in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Because of the bigger size of the phone it can manage to curb about 4 speakers on the go.


Competing along with Apple’ Siri and Google’s Assistant it has a key new feature that can venture with both of them. The major issue is with the voice search so we can expect it to be more accurate and sensitive to voice command that will surely help you work smoother and faster. And there’s risk of data leak and so they can be used against of you.
Click to know more.

Two Day Battery Life

I mean its almost impossible to sustain a two day long battery life because a guy like me and you who uses their smartphone until sleep, cannot long last for two days on the line.
It doesn’t possibly charge as fast as any other device or any other Samsung device. That may be a safety issue as it may deliver you a two day long battery and that’s pretty awesome of that proved to be a boon.

Face Recognition

The face unlock is another most burning feature of new smartphones. It’s not pretty sure that it may recognize your face accurately and also it can be easily fooled by a still face. So beware of such features that may deploy your privacy to public. If it really uses a secured face unlock and protects users’ privacy, then it may prove to be a real winner.

Pricing and Release Date

Most probably, you can expect the price to be higher. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is retailed at $929. The price you cannot expect to be lower as it’s competing with the Apple and that is pricing higher as is revealed by Apple’s iPhone X.

The release date is still in suspense as there’s no clue regarding the date of launch but still we find that it may be launching on 9th August. The phone is still highly rated and most searched phone on the internet as the makers of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wants it to be more popular among the user to overcome the overdose of iPhone as the iPhone is launching its new Smartphone, iPhone X2 and iPhone 9 as lately as 2 months from now, September.

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