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iPhone XR: Built Stylish Or Look Stylish



iPhone XR, built after the most beautiful and stylish model of Apple iPhone X which was launched last November. This time company managed to surprise you with their three super models named after Apple iPhone X. All three have slight upgradation to the the earlier version of the same. Well, the company says it as their mastercard after the most successful iPhone X. The phone is said to be one of the most affordable model of the iPhone series. So Let’s directly dig deeper inside the iPhone XR model of Apple…. 😆

Apple iPhone XR - Techieurge(2018)


Design of iPhone XR

The design of the iPhone XR will never gonna baffle you along as there’s no noticeable change that Apple has made in the design department of the device. Nowhere the device has easily be managed to made Aluminium edges that’s how the company has managed to decrease the cost of the device.

On the front face, the Apple has easily removed the home button and that’s not a big deal at all. You can easily navigate using screen navigation tools. And despite all the company has finally released a phone with a dual camera setup at the rear end of the device. The device looks greatly smoother and shiny as usual. Since it has a smooth clear glass back that makes you give a premium look.

The device finishes off at making a cool looking hand-held device. The device is offcourse bigger than the iPhone X and iPhone XS. It has a 6.1 inches of screen display size and that makes no difference I guess. I mean you’re going to have a device which best fits in your hand and that’s it.
The premium finish that it holds is incomparable. At the bottom of the device is a Type -C port for charging up the phone and connecting the earbuds. The Phone looks complete bezel-less and so it cannot be wrong to say that it has an infinite display.

Display of iPhone XR

The display unusually made of LCD display panel where e it has successfully managed to cut the price of the device. The iPhone XR has got a large shot with a 6.1inches of a display screen that is what a bit bigger than the iPhone X/XS. The device has an 18:9 aspect ratio, and that’s obvious as its covering a 1792*828 screen resolution with a 326ppi. There’s a true Liquid Retina Display producing more in-depth color mixing giving you a more realistic picture/vedio viewing.

The LCD panel is where the company has made a bit sacrifice to dampen the cost of the device. Also the LCD panel is a bit more power consuming that OLED paneled display unit. Although it never slips to makes, you feel that Apple premium looks and that feeling.

Following the major trends of mobile phone attraction around the world. Apple has now adopted for the most slim body and a display that’s now notorious as infinite display. This trend came out of the box when Ulefone F2 came to Chinese market last year. In a single word the iPhone XR has the same iPhone X looks so I call it a mime of iPhone X.

Camera of iPhone XR

Talking of the camera department there’s a camera setup with a 12MP at the rear end of the device. While there’s a 7MP camera setup at the front end of the device. But this is where the company has made a sacrifice and made it quite dull. So as to decrease the overall cost of the device.
The device will surely help you get a perfect selfie and a portrait mode is gonna impress you adding few latest tweeks and AI improved some features.

Regarding the vedio recording department you never need to worry about putting inside the most beautiful moments around you. It supports a 1080p HD vedio recording feature with a 30fps or 60fps(can be adjusted as per need). Inside the camera is a OIS(optical image stabilisation) that means there’s no or a little image that gets blurred during vedio recording while in motion. Despite this there’s a bunch of a recognizable feature including time-lapse, digital zooming, slow-motion, extended dynamic wide angle vedio recording and many other.

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Battery of iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR - TechieSurge(2018)

The powering source of the iPhone XR is a 2,942mAh of battery backup that can be charged up via an Apple cable charger and a wireless charging device(Qi charger). The company has confirmed that the iPhone XR offering a largest battery backup in the line of the iPhone series. The company assures to get upto 50% charge in just 30 minutes.
When it comes to the battery, then there comes a question that what actually the device is made of. Well the iPhone XR is using a modern A12 Bionic Chipset that empowers the device in which a 3GB RAM acting as an aid to it. And yeah offcourse the device is a

Verdict of iPhone XR

The iPhone XR comes in a 6 different color ranges namely – Red, Corel(light red), Blue, White, Black and Yellow. With all specs in hand the Apple iPhone XR costs for a 749USD, 799USD and 899USD for a 64GB, 126GB and 256GB of in-built storage space, respectively. And that price tag puts us in a dilemma that the company said it a most cost effective device while the device isn’t seems to be an affordable one. Thats way too costly for any common man I guess.

That’s all I can say with the price tag and regarding features of this phone there’s another best featured phone that I would recommend you to have an eye on it. That’s nonetheless the Poco F1 mobile phone. The phone features all that iPhone XR have or I can say that this Chinese Assembly have much more affordable and appreciative features. The Phone is priced at more than half that of iPhone XR and that completely beats the Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Although Apple is different from Android but yet nowhere powerful than iOS devices.
So this is quite depressing to have a phone that doesn’t comply with all your basic needs and ain’t satisfies you and your basic needs.

So can you write down on the commnet box what’s that one feature that made you jump outta 7th floor of the building?

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