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Huawei Mate X Unveiled at CES Barcelona | 2019

Technology has finally made it to the brim. Call it a fortune or a fate of consumer that we’re going to have the most advanced and enthralling featuring all the major specs that is required for the current gen users. Huawei has finally made it real with their latest release – Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone. Last year was for the notch labelled Mobile Phones. But I guess this whole year is for the foldable phones across the globe. This year’s gonna be craziest year for the Mobile Phone as the Mobile Tech is going to be at the next level. Huawei not only produces Mobile Phones but this also includes the iOT devices that super simpilfies the daily lifestyle.

Huawei is gonna kill other Foldable Mobile Phones as this will be proving another major riveting figure across the Foldable Mobile Phones. Huawei will be going to be the first ever device to have a 5g connectivity with a Foldable feature in it.

So without letting any tear down before ruining our dreams…Let’s get to know what has Huawei cooked for the consumers across the globe in their latest Foldable yet 5g Connections Mobile Phone.

Design of the Huawei Mate X

You just cannot deny the fact that Huawei has a most riveting cover at the front part of the Mobile Phone. The device is completely freely can rotate at about it’s hinge. This will provide a more easy and faster rotation that can fold or unfold very easily. The Mobile Phone will be more easier to work upon, the CEO said in the CES conference.

The Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone unfolds with a 8.0 inches of screen size and a 6.6 inches of screen size when folded from one side. Huawei has made it clear after the release fo the Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone that they have won the competition in terms of size. Whilst Samsung has a 7.4 inches of screen size and that too when folded drops down to 4.6 inches of screen size. This includes the heavy nature of the Samsung Galaxy F Mobile Phone. Captivating the little bezel at the corners of the screen while Mate X has completely removed the bezel despite the one side of the screen.

The CEO has unveiled the fact that Huawei will be holding a Protective Case for the device to secure it from any of the scratches or any human malfunction or any kinda accident.

Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018-19)







Camera Features

The Makers of the device has still not made it clear that exactly how many cameras are on the Mobile Phone. But surely the device would be capturing a more detailed and sharper picture using a Leica Camera feature.

Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018-19)








Now you can capture your selfie using the main camera holding a device and at the same time you can have look on the screen while taking a selfie. The camera would be more deeper and intensified.

Battery Power

Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018-19)







This time the Huawei has done a major increment in the battery life. The Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone has a gargantuan 4,500mAh of dual battery. One at each side of the folds. The device could be charged up via a super fastest charger ever made. A 55W charger will be used for charing up the device. The CEO has made it clear that the device could be charged upto 85% in just 30 minutes beating down the Apple’s Apple iPhone XS Max and its other variants.

Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018-19)








It said that the charging capability of this charger is 600% higher than iPhone XS Max Mobile Phone. The batery power of the device is supposed to be lasting for a longer period of time.

Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018-19)







Other Major Features of the Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone

Are you worried about the internet speed of the device? Sure, any one of us will be worried about their internet speed so this time Huawei has built a device that can download a 1 GB of file in just 3 seconds – the CEO has aclaimed. While they have personally tested this internet connection.

Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone - TechieSurge(2018-19)







The device is built an Ultra Slim with a 6mm thinner when closed.

The Huawei Mate X Mobile Phone has a Falcon Wing Design that creates the difference.

The device has been claimed to be fully protected against any of piracy or similar attack.

Price and Availability

The device will be available in Interstellar Blue Color only with a 8GB of RAM and a 512GB of internal Storage. Though you don’t needed to worry about the space as you can surely expand the size using a microSD card upto 256GB. The Phone supports dual SIM cards with a 5g+4g connections at a time. The Phone has been priced up at 2299Euro(185219.22 INR). Well the price seems to be overpriced and is effectively driving the users across the globe to buy this product relentlessly.

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