What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About HTC U12 PLUS

Presenting to you the flagship phone of HTC corporation. Launching its 5th mobile phone in the year 2018 known as HTC U12 Plus. Upgrading some features of HTC U11 Plus, it has arrived to the market challenging other smartphone brands. With some unique and newly build features, it may surpass others.

The phone has been launched on 23rd May 2018 worldwide but the availability is still an issue. The phone gives you an essence of some new flavour that it has come with. It consists of dual rear camera and a dual Front facing camera. Audio quality will surely impress you a lot and a lot more features to be revealed soon. Let’s join me here and read along with me and I’ll introduce to you the HTC’s Flagship phone HTC U12 plus.


The curvy edges of the phone will surely make you jump out of a window. The curved translucent, shiny back will dazzle your eyes.
The flagship phone comes with a 15.6 × 73.9 × 8.7 – 9.7 mm and weighs 188 grams. That’s quite interesting feeling like its a bit thicker than its previous versions.

The phone give you a water and dust resistant up to some extent. Although if a device is drowned in water, you’ll find your phone dead. Whatever phone you may use the water resistance and dust resistance ability is limited and it cannot protect your phone from vigorous unwanted factors.
Turning down the phone you’ll find a stunning back body of the phone which is not because of a metal body But due to glass body. Yes you heard it right !!

This time the phone is made of a glass body using a 3D glass process with cold polishing to give it a shiny two tone look.
Due to the plastic body it’ll obstruct the internet speed as if you’re trying to have a 1.2 Gbps of data but due to plastic finishing the Internet speed will get damped. While building any phone there are some cons and pros so as HTC’s U12 plus.

This time the phone has got something new called edge sense 2, HTC’s latest work that helps a user to hold and squeeze the phone in a recognizable manner so that the users will land in any app or can perform operations. Basically it’s a shortcut to your so called apps or any function to be performed. It can be set manually to how to squeeze it then it will lead you to your desired apps.
Unlike many other phones it doesn’t have a notch.


As compared to other brands in the market, the phone greatly build with a huge display of 6.0 inches with WQHD plus 1440 × 2880 screen resolution. You’ll find pixel density of 537 pixels per inches that’s pretty awesome for watching video, movies, games and many more. HDR 10 will be available outside the box but isn’t available for HDR photography.

Following the current trend in the market, it has very less bezel that fortunately enhances its beauty.


Talking about the rear camera, the back is supported by dual 12MP Ultra pixel 4 Lens with f/1.75 of aperture + 16MP camera that handles telephoto with 2× zoom with f/2.6 of an aperture.

Don’t worry for the selfie because it’s got a dual lens at the front. Packed with a dual 8MP front facing camera that supports an advanced bookeh mode same as in rear one but no OIS and EIS here. It offer you a 84 degree of a field of view.

OIS and EIS are employed for the production of advanced photography and videographer. The picture will get blurred focusing on the object more vividly. The camera will let you adjust the depth of a field of view in real – time.
Processor and other features

Snapdragon 845, the latest chipset is installed on the phone having a 6GB of RAM holding a 64GB of internal storage. If you wanted to have some more space, than you can have 128GB of storage which needs a bit more investment on it. But why not having a SDcard for a less amount than 128GB of variant? Android 8.0 OREO is installed on the device having HTC’s sense 10 on it.

Following the current market trends, it has no headphone port to connect any earphone or headphone.

Let’s jump directly on the audio quality of the phone. It has boom sound speakers at the bottom of the phone. The speaker has a perfect blend of bass and treble offering you a complete music system with a tenor sound. No need to worry about the storage of a lot more music on the device as it will let you give a 64GB of storage (or 128GB variant) and a slot for microSD card that supports 2TB of storage.

Music lovers will get a new amazingly built smartphone that offers you a quality sound.
Something new that others don’t offer you is squeezable sides that gives you an opportunity to perform almost all tasks. Plus you can give command to perform various operations on it.
Like opening a camera, phone calling, entering an app, and a lot more can be done with it.
The most unlikely feature is the power and volume buttons at the side of the phone as you press them. It will vibrate and do the job regardless of a tapping.


The phone comes with a 3500 mAh of battery life ensuring you a good battery backup.

But it doesn’t support any wireless charging for the phone. It’s just okay with the phone. It’s not that much good as is expected from it as it’s a flagship phone and the battery bank is almost average so I’m hedging further discussion on it.

Verdict and pricing

The HTC U12 Plus is the most dashing, well crafted and a price worth feature phone. This flagship phone has got some invincible features that no other brand has ever introduced to you.

But since it has introduced to you only one or two new feature and all other features remains the same so it’s just okay phone. Not the must buy phone and yes if you are a music lover then go check it out. And since you are going to have it, then keep a note that you’ve only got a squeezable and an audio features.

The most expected pricing is as follows :
●6GB + 64GB = $844.26 (57,000 INR)
●6GB + 128GB = $856.11 (57,800 INR)

Still if you’re going to have it, then go for it but I’ll say you better go search around the market and have a phone that most likely suits your basic demands. Overall the features are just convincing the user to have it.

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