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Getting Inside The Realme 3 Phone [2019 Release]

The company has sold out almost 2 million units of Realme 2 in just 5 months – the CEO of Realme India had unveiled. Apart from this, Oppo owned Realme Phones had Realme 1, Realme 2 Pro, Realme C1 and Realme U1 that were released last year. Well, that was all about the past and the present is all about the Realme 3 Phone. Out of all the Realme Phones, I found Realme 2 Phone the best and the most reliable one. In just a couple of months, the Oppo owned Realme Phones got a huge media exposure because of some unparallel features. In this way, the phone got tremendous sales all across the globe.

Realme Phones quickly gained huge attraction from the consumers across the Indian as well as Chinese market.

Continuing the league of Realme Phones, here comes the Realme 3 Phone with a riveting colored back and a huge 6. inches of front screen display. So without wasting any other penny of time. Let’s get into it…..

The Design of Realme 3 Phone…

Latest and Greatest Realme 3 Phone - TechieSurge(2018-19)
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Is highly laudable. In terms of the design of the device, the phone has completely done a great job. The phone could be found in three major variants – Dynamic Black, Radiant Blue, and Regular Black. Though the back of the phone is a complete plastic and not of a metal finish like most of the Flagship phones used to have. But it’s nonetheless soft enough to get a crack easily.

The phone is a 6.33 inches broad and os it could easily be held in your palm. The back of the device is the most attractive point of all as it has a color varying from the top to bottom that allows the whole device. The device is further coated with a non-conducting vacuum metalizing to layer the green and blue ink. The back has blue as well as green color mixture endorsed by a perfect blackish color.

The Realme 3 has utilized the CNC milling process(Mechanical Process) to cut-out the unwanted materials from the device such as ports, volume buttons, etc. On the back is a rounded fingerprint sensor with a vertically structured dual sensor camera with a flash.

The Display of the Realme 3 Phone…

Has a gargantuan 6.22 inches of broad screen size. And I mean it’s quite huge in terms of size. Coated with a Gorilla Glass 3, will protect the screen from any kinda scratch or accident of screen. There’s a water drop notch at the top head of the device with a front camera fitted inside of it. Measuring a total 88.33% screen-to-body ratio with a 19:9 aspect ratio.

But the displays are just okay as it doesn’t offer a perfect color mixture. The edges of the screen get a little blur and so makes a little lag or irregular color mixture. This makes it look a bit dull as compared to its other Realme Phones. The HD+ panel serves good with it but is not the best version as compared to AMOLED paneled screens.

The water-drop notch at the top head of the device adds up to the screen panel of the Realme 3 Phone.

Performance and Other Specifications of the Realme 3 Phone

The Realme 3 Phone is equipped with a MediaTek Helio P70 chipset on a 14nm FinFET process. This is supported by an octa-core CPU having 4 powerful Cortex A-73 and 4 ARM Cortex-A-53 cores. Alongside, the video graphics is powered by Mali G-72 GPU that will enhance the gaming as well as video performance of the device.

The FunTouch ColorOS 6.0 will enhance the color mixture and depth of the system working on an Android 9.0 Pie. The ColorOS 6.0 adds up the motorbike mode, app drawer, smart assistant, game space and many more such apps.

While talking of the gaming experience, the games like Pubg runs perfectly in a medium graphics. And if you increase the graphics the game will eventually be lagging and the pictures might not be as clear as it actually looks like. The graphics is supported by a Mali G-72 processor which is quite best in terms of the gaming video performance.
While the latest ColorOS 6.0 need some real improvements on Realme 3 Phone in order to compete with the Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro.

The camera of Realme 3 Phone…

Is primarily equipped with a 13MP sensor with an f/1.8 aperture which is supported by a 2MP sensor which helps in capturing a picture with greater detail. The primary camera helps in capturing the picture vividly while the secondary camera extensively captures the depth of the frame. But let me tell you one thing that it doesn’t visually capture the complete details. It’ll simply paint the background picture.

The company has introduced two new modes to capture the picture in greater detail. One is a Chroma Boost mode that enhances the dynamic range and vibrancy of the picture. While the other one, Nightscape mode enables a perfect night mode shot within a low light.

The night mode captures in more detail in it as it has a four-folds by adding more noise inside the image.

The 2 modes add some real value to the image.

The battery of Realme 3 phone…

Is supported by 4,230mAh Li-ion battery which is sufficient to carry the whole day job. You can check out Pubg Mobile Game, watch out youtube videos, movies and a lot of programs can be performed. While the device gets from 0 to 100% in just 2 hrs which is quite obvious that somewhere Oppo has to compromise with the device as per the pricing. The reason behind the slow charging up of the Realme 3 Phone might be the USB 2.0 port.

There’s no trace of fast charging devices. You have to completely rely upon the traditional cable-based charging method. I found no issue at all charging with the cable. It’s one of the safest methods of all.

Price And Final Verdict of Realme 3 Phone…

Latest and Greatest Realme 3 Phone - TechieSurge(2018-19)
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The Realme 3 Phone will arrive with 2 variants having 3/4GBs & 32/64GBs of RAM and internal storage respectively. Regarding the pricing of the phone I think everything seems okay with it. As the price doesn’t seem to choke you down. It’s not that larger like that of octopus. But the specs of the device doesn’t seem to be overwhelming. This time the display has completely ruined away the Realme 3 Phone which wasn’t supposed to happen. All of the other specs seem to be alright at this price range. There’s a little lag during gaming, watching videos, etc. The camera of Realme 3 Phone is good at this price range. All kind of shots is perfectly captured with the Realme 3 Phone. Night shot, low light shot, day-light shot – all seem to be nicely captured with this device.

The Price of 3/32GB variant will cost you 8,999INR while the 4/64GB variant will cost you 10,999INR which according to me seems to be a healthy price. But still, I’m not completely satisfied with this device. So I will never suggest you buy this Realme 3 Phone which might prove complete trash after a few months of usage.

The Realme 3 Phone sales will be live from 12th March, 12 Noon afterwards on Flipkart.

While you can tell me what do you think of this latest upcoming Oppo based Realme 3 Phone.

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