Google Pixel 3 Latest Leaks - TechieSurge(2018)

Game Changer is Back: Google Pixel 3 | Latest Leaks | 2018

Back in the year 2015 when Google launched its first Google Pixel phone called Google Pixel C. Nobody thought of its going to be a huge success and attain attention plus popularity gain on the market. Thenceforth here is the leaked presentation of the Google’ Pixel 3 phone.

Google Pixel 3 Lateat Leaks - TechieSurge(2018)
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The phone is still under moderation and is converting itself into a perfect shape. Meaning the phone is under manufacturing process.

Google Pixel has a habit of launching their Pixel phones on the month of October and so the Pixel 3 will be launching on 19 October 2018 as per latest prediction. And soon will be available to all your nearby areas.

The Google’s Pixel device will be arriving with 3 major variants – Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and another Pixel phone.

All of a sudden we can guess that this Pixel phone will be arriving with some cool features having in-built AI on the core.

From all the latest leaks and other info, the phone confirms to bring forth all new featured phone, Pixel 3 on the house.

The phone has been priced at $689(44,580INR or 1079AUD or 629EURO). That is quite a big amount, but you might knew that all the Google Pixel phone drops in this prize range. And they undoubtedly share a lot good unpredictable and self-furnished features.

Google Pixel’s phones are delivering one of the finest feature on their phone that anyone can rely upon.

The Google Pixel phone will be launching this October or will be launching in the coming year as per various rumours on the market.

Let’s now encounter Pixel 3 design model….

This time Pixel 3 has got a 5.3 inches of display screen with a 145.6 × 68.2 × 7.9 mm dimensions. While Pixel 3 XL will have a 6.3 inches of display screen with a 158 × 76.6 × 7.9 mm dimensions. Well, 5.3 inches of Pixel 3 is great size for you as it’s quite handy and will be easy to use. I feel like it’s a fully loaded great featured phone that might bring down all its rivals in the market.

The fun fact is that both Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL sticks to single front and back camera while all other devices have moved on to the 3 or 4 cameras in total. Undoubtedly the cameras are the real warrior of this phone. As usual the Pixel devices serves a really great cameras in the Google devices.

The latest leaks points that the device will be available with 4GB of RAM space and stores a 64GB of storage space.

Now lets get inside the Pixel 3 mobile phone….

From the latest leaks and rumors Pixel 3 might getting an OLED display, Snapdragon 845 Chipset, active squeezable hands free sides, wireless charging, and a lot other features. Alongside the Pixel 3 is not having a notch but a bezel-less display screen while Pixel 3 XL has a small notch and a bigger display screen with less bezel.

The Pixel 3 seems to have a glass back that might annoy you as it’ll become a bit slippery with a cute little fingerprint sensor. But this glass back will enable you to charge the device wirelessly.

The Pixel 3 have some great gestures on the screen like if you slide your finger up it’ll open recent apps, the square shaped figure will let you do the same.

The new Pixel 3 will be having a fire-bass speakers at the bottom of the device. On his neighbour is a USB-C port.

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All other details will be on our site regarding the upcoming latest Pixel 3. So stay tuned and learn a little more of yourself. 

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