Asus' Rog Phone

Why Asus’ Rog Phones are scarier than dating Taylor Swift?

Asus' Rog Phone

To all the android gamers around the world, here comes the most dazzling, stellar, staggering, and what not, the most astonishing device; Asus’ Rog Phone. This is the second device after Razor Phone that brought about a revolution to the gaming department. After Razor Phone, it’s the second most enthralling device that has a list of accessories for the gamers inside Asus’ Phone.

Asus is a Taiwanese multinational computer and hardware and electronics company, headquartered at Taipei, Taiwan.

This is the third biggest smartphone to be built after Xiomi’s Black Shark and the Razor Phone in the gaming department. Its a kind of novelty to all the gamers out there. It comes under the brand name ROG with a ROG design. With a Model no. – ZS600KL, its arrival charged up the all of a sudden.

The company names it as a ROG Phone.

Let’s directly jump into this amazing Rog Phone built especially for you, the gamers off course. This high level smartphone can perform a lot of tasks at a single time. This high performer gaming phone equipped with a lot of gaming equipment.

Firstly, lets stick on to the structure and outlook of the phone…

This high end warrior looks brilliantly perfect which can mesmerize anyone like you. The device is perfectly built and brought forth using ROG Design which previously sold out as an alias Zenfone.

The device has a perfect black, stylish lining and an adoptive attractive gamer look to attract the gamer like you. At the back of the phone, you can clearly differentiate between the camera, flash and the fingerprint sensor that it consist of than that of others. The logo defines itself uniquely because of its look and the hue that it can change as per your input. Mostly the back of the phone is covered with a glass body and a metallic cut-out on the right side.

When all the other device in the market brings a notch with it, the Rog Phone has no sign of a notch. Inspite of that, it has a speaker grill at the top and the same at the bottom of the phone contributing a killer look of the phone.

The phone comes with a bezel less edges. Enhancing the grip of the phone but at the same time it doesn’t really makes it easy to use while holding in a single handedly.

There’s no way to worry about charging up the phone when it’s got low, because you got a total three Type – C port and so you can easily plug-in the charger to charge it up to the brim. That gives you an uninterrupted gaming performance. Two at the right side and other one at the bottom of the phone used for charging up the phone.

Worried about the processor and other specs?

The Rog Phone performs on the Snapdragon 845 Chipset. The phone has a 1080p of AMOLED display with a 90hz refresh rate(Refresh Rate refers to the amount of refreshes that a screen performs in one second) that enhance its rate of animation.

And that’s not all…

There’s a vapor cooling technology that Asus has brought first ever to any phone. It’s the first ever sporty phone that can handle gaming as well as perform cooling for sure. Yet like any other phone, it also gets hot enough after heavy use but still there’s no issue with that.

Also you can easily stream a vedio or game on your TV connecting your phone. It can withstand a significant amount of time even after getting used for a lot of hours.

The device has a decent quality of Audio that can fill out a small square sized room. Although it’s bass and treble will never satisfy the music lovers as it’s not that rich at this point. The speakers are undoubtedly loud enough to make you jump in the floor but yet it’s not highly recommend since its voice’s not clear enough to make you feel zealous.

Ohh wait it’s not over yet, let me figure out the accessories here…

Most popular of all is the accessories that it carries with it. The phone holds not only vapor cooling technology but also holds a fan at the bottom of the phone to cool it down when heavy gaming and for longer duration. It’s interesting to note that it’s the only accessory that comes with the phone and the rest of all you have to purchase them separately.

One of these is the TwinView dock that allows you to operate a dual screen gaming experience. The phone perfectly fits at the screen corners. So in this way you can watch movies and at the same time you’ll play a game on other screen.

There’s a GameVice controller that enables you to connect a gaming keypad or console to operate a game more perfectly and smoothly. While the WiGig dock helps cast the screen on other electronic device(like TV) and play games using playful electronics like keyboard, mouse. And a lot more devices can be used to connect with the Rog Phone for manual gaming experience. Inspired by HTC’s squeezable edge technology, the phone has built the same with some advanced settings.

And here comes the father of all the other phone that has a massive 6000mAh of battery backup. Yes, the phone comes with this much battery so that you’ll never encounter a battery problem in this phone for quite sooner.

And now, time to give a verdict to this phone.

The Asus’ Rog Phone really deserves an appreciation for manufacturing such a brilliant level gaming hand-held smartphone. Launching to the market in such a level is a paradigm for all the other gaming smartphone developers out there.

It’s like a nectar to the gamers who love to have such a device instead of large computing device that can be carried out anywhere. Now let’s see that how far this device gets attention and sales in the market.

The price and the availability of the device is still a puzzle. It’s not known that when it’ll be available in the market and regarding pricing, you can expect it to be appreciably higher.

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