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All new Vivo Nex is set to dazzle all the smartphone lovers around the globe. There’s no way out to just ignore this massive staggering bezel-less phone. The Chinese phone maker’s Flagship smartphone is set to challenge all its competition with a Vivo Nex, which is assumed to have all the features with it.


Vivo Nex

Vivo is a Chinese technological communication company headquartered at Dongguan, China. Primarily owned by BBK Electronics that makes smartphones, smartphone accessories, softwares, and other online services.

It has an in-screen fingerprint scanner on the display(that Vivo promised to be more sensitive and accurate), a pop-up selfie camera, and few other tweaks. Despite all this, the Vivo Nex claims to serve its best and better feature phone this year.

Design and Display

From the start of the year all the smartphone makers are making a replica of a notch to attract the users with a 18:9 aspect ratio but vivo hasn’t done this copy paste job. There’s no notch on the Vivo Nex.

You have to praise Vivo for not applying a notch and unfollowing the hyped trend. Building their own empire for their users and opting for a less bezel. But still there’s very little bezel at bottom face of the phone. There’s very slim chin at the bottom bar of its face.

To be able to set forth this technology, the Vivo has brought about the advanced Selfie Mode allowing you to capture the images using an advanced camera which pops up out of the top of the device. The little camera works mechanically, so it’s a bit time taking for the little shooter to jump out of the device once shut down.

Although it’s considered being hardly taking your 2 seconds to relaunch the mechanically handled selfie camera. And that’s why it’s quite annoying to have a selfie camera that is unable to load instantly and capture your image.

Moving on to the top head of the Vivo Nex, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack while most of the maker’s have just done a replica of others. On the bottom leg of the phone has Type-C port allowing you to charge your device using a Vivo charger. Alongside singly maintained speaker is at the bottom side which serve you a moderate music.

The second novelty that it brings with it is the earpiece instead of speaker grills. This stunning feature will allow you to curb the voice during making or attending a call. Enhancing the sound and voice call feature is the aim of this new feature.

But this is to be revealed while making a real call and then we’ll decide whether it worked successfully or not.

Further, this technology is achieved via Screen SoundCasting. That allows you to put your ear anywhere in the screen while answering a call and without any hindrance you’ll have a smooth calling experience. That’s what the Vivo the makers has said.

The quality of phone is still to be judged after the use of the phone and that will explain how this feature works exactly.

The third technology that it is built up with is the in-screen finger sensor. This isn’t the first ever phone to have such a technology. The finger sensor works only in a limited region of the screen. It has a pre-defined area that you can put your thumb or fingers to unlock the device.
So almost three technologies that work against the so called notch to overcome the fever of a notch. Yet the phone is considered being a good competition against their rivals.

The Vivo Nex uses an AMOLED display that means the screen will be vividly bright and perfect blackening while watching movies or games.
The phone’s having a perfect glass back that suits the phone the most. Really that’s appreciable to have such a beauty in the phone with curved edges. And most phones are using a pre-installed gorilla glass but up till now it’s not confirmed that whether the phone will have a layer of protection or not. With a huge 6.6 inches of display, it will become the biggest smartphone ever in terms of screen size.

Carrying 199 grams of weight, it’s not the lightest phone but could be the toughest phone ever. There’s no water jacket and no dust protection available in this device so you must take full care of this phone.


Vivo Nex has been operating on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is just similar to other devices in the market. but the phone is backed with a 8GB of RAM. The phone performs quite faster and smoother with this great support.

The Storage space is limited to a maximum value of 256GB and so you may be disappointed with this. Also there’s no way to expand storage space so you have to be space bound. But I think there’s no added space required to fill the internal storage.

Battery & Camera

Vivo Nex comes with a 4,000mAh of battery but is still under consideration that how much time actually it can out stand with this much amount of battery life.

Despite all this, there’s no wireless charging for the device. Yet you can surely charge it up in less time as it’s having a quick charge facilty.

Coming back to camera of the phone, the phone currently has a specially designed front facing camera that comes out from inside the phone as its switched ON. The picture quality is just fine with it having an 8MP front facing camera with aperture f/2.0. Here you cannot expect it to be more coloured and attractive as compared to other brand’s camera.

12MP and 5MP camera are used at the rear end of the phone. With an aperture f/1.8 and f/2.8 are not the most impressive yet can be used for general purpose camera phone. So far I’m not having any idea of how the camera works and what they exactly do to perform a shot.
There are AI features in a camera similar to the Huawei mobile phones that can perform a perfect screenshot and adjust itself accordingly to the nature of environment.

Vivo Nex Price and other details

Unfortunately the price is currently unrevealed, and it’s presently available only in Chinese market. It may be available in the surrounding market in the coming future. But for Chinese market it’s currently unknown to when it’s going to be launched and what the price is benchmarked at.

And since it’s a flagship phone of the Vivo so you can expect it to be higher similar to the other flagship phones in the market. It’s the future phone of Vivo so you can take it as a game changer in the mobile phone market.

The phone is an alternative for those who is trying to have a bezel-less and a notch free phone. Vivo Nex is a perfect substitute to all these trendy feature in the market. These technologies is going to be the future of the people and you cannot ignore this fact for a few years. And let’s hope that Vivo arrives in the market as soon as possible and proves itself a better competition to their rivals. If you find this phone amazing you can buy new Vivo Nex.


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