Winamp music player - TechieSurge(2018)

Winamp is Reborn: Coming up in 2019…

Winamp music player is Reborn!! Yea that’s right..Winamp is back with a thud at the doorestep among all other Media Players of windows, android and iOS. Winamp will be launching again in the coming year 2019. While the music player born in 1997.

What is a Winamp music player?

Winamp music player - TechieSurge(2018)
Here’s a quick look of winamp v5.6 loaded at its best with default skin.








Well, Let me tell what it actually is…YOu might have met him if you’re a Computer user since 2000s as its widely been used by the users all across the globe. Because of the perennial feature it’s one of the most sought Music Player of that generation including me.

Winamp music player is a multimedia player that supports almost all versions of the windows, iOS and Android. Its a completely free software produced and developed by the Nullsoft Inc. Winamp supports various formats like Midi, MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, MPEG-1, AAC. While it also supports AOL vedios, online radio, online television, podcasts, etc. At the same time the player can be used to edit vedio files. Winamp music player can be used to contract music files into one and burn the CD. That could be used for listening to musics further.

Winamp multimedia player was originally produced in the year 1997. Originally written using C and C++. It has a lot of Skins for you to have a look that you like the most. Lots of themes could be found already installed in this app. The Winamp music player was further sold for 10USD to AOL in 1999 by their developers – Justin Frankel and Dmitri Boldyrev. This was furthermore aquired by the Radionomy in 2014.

UpComing Features of the Latest Winamp music player v5.8

  • Very Light
  • Customizable
  • Lots of Skins
  • More Powerful
  • Free of Cost – It’s completely Free and will be available soon on the Official site of winamp for download
  • Easy to use

Up till now the makers and the CEO has not yet disclosed more about the latest version of winamp v5.8 music player but we can expect something roaring from this multimedia player. Because of some weird technique used by the company winamp got dumped out of the systems of users. But still there are more than hundred million monthly users of winamp music player being used on various platforms – windows, android and iOS. Let’s see how this newly built and updated version of the winamp brings colors to your life. Most importantly, the most competitive platform of all is the windows as there are about 200 billion active users of windows(version 10) system across the globe. While there are 2 billion and 1 billion monthly active users of Android and iOS respectively. Out of which most of the users were found out of US. It’s yet to see how this latest upcoming version of winamp music player has made up to withstand in this melee arena.

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