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Updates: WhatsApp Web Application Latest Upgrades | 2018

No need to introduce to you the term Whatsapp Web Application”. You better knew this game than me and you and I severely use and extract most of the data using this application. By personalizing WhatsApp Web Application you can chat with your friends, family, loved ones and executive personnel. WhatsApp Web Application undoubtedly is one of the freeware and open source Mobile, Web, Symbian, iOS Application that encourages users from all over the world to make use of it. And yes the makers of WhatsApp Web Application has already succeeded in deploying this amazing app all across the globe.

WhatsApp Web Application was primarily be created by Jan Koum in the year 2009. Firstly it started to work out in California state. Later on, WhatsApp Web Application became one the top choice of the users for texting, sending videos, music files, docs, pdf, etc. With the tremendous rise of the WhatsApp Web Application, Facebook reached to Jan and made a firm proposal. Soon after the WhatsApp Inc., was sold to Facebook and became a subsidiary to Facebook. It was sold to Facebook for $19.3 billion with 415 million active users per month and 315 million active users per day. That sounds quite weird but its the fact you know.

But that was in the year 2014 and is accumulated by Techcrunch. By 2017, there were about 1.3 billion monthly active users and 1 billion active users per day with over 60 billion messages sent per day. That’s way too high and hitting to a milestone of 1.5 billion active users all across the globe.

WhatsApp Web Application - TechieSurge(2018)
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Major Updates of the WhatsApp Web Application

PiP(Picture in Picture) – The WhatsApp Web Application has implemented a new as well as an astonishing feature on its WhatsApp Web Application that lets you use to browse or use the WhatsApp in the background while the video/audio will play in the background. And yeah this isn’t the new feature yet the least used features of all. Until now companies like Facebook, Youtube, etc has implemented and proudly used on their apps. And this has also gained a positive response from users all around the world.

WhatsApp Payment – And here’s the most sought feature that’s extensively been used by the users of all the countries to send/receive money. It’s not about the distance but the bond that pulls the two closer than ever before. Soon or later the WhatsApp Inc. is going to launch the WhatsApp Web Application based payment gateway through which the users could send money after generating the Unified Payment Interface(UPI). While we’ve been nurtured with some superb payment apps – Phonepe, Paytm, Google Payments and many others. While India is one of the largest user of the Internet and by implementing this feature…surely there will be mayhem in the payment gateway apps.

Stickers – Introducing you the stickers which are quite similar to the stickers used in the iPhone Mobile Phones and Hike Apps. This feature will gonna drive female users crazy as they are super – amazing. The stickers show real-life emotions of the sender. You’ll have awesome real-life amazing stickers. The wait is over and this feature will be revealed in future in WhatsApp Web Application.

Delete WhatsApp Messages – The WhatsApp messages were found to be annoying or sometimes it’s not the message that you want to send so there’s an option called “Delete for Everyone” and “Delete for Me” were made available. Using these options one can delete the messages sent by mistake or for some other reason that you don’t want the recipient to see the message once sent. But it was found at some point of time that this feature was misused by various of community. Thenceforth its now updated as both options were available but with coercing that message could be deleted only if the recipient will have to be available online for 13hrs 16min after sending the message. Then only the message could be deleted!!!

While all these mind-blowing features of WhatsApp Web Application is still in a long run and rolling in for the upliftments in WhatsApp Inc. These thud like features will be updated soon in 2019, the upcoming year. While all these features are accessible in the WhatsApp Beta version, the WhatsApp tester App for WhatsApp program. All major changes that are being updated in WhatsApp are actually tested here by adding a certain amount of people and anyone can join this program and uninstall this App at any point in time. Anyhow these enthralling features will be updated soon. Let’s not forget to thank the WhatsApp developer for they have built something worth App that connects people all around the world and the only requirement of it is the Internet. And that is it…You’ve got full access to the people all around the globe.

And You don’t forget to comment down your views about these WhatsApp Web Application Updates and the major changes that these updates will bring into a revolution to the WhatsApp Users and to the community. Speak out your views down below!!!

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