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[Updated] WhatsApp New Features – 2019

WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app owned and operated by the largest social media site – Facebook. Last year, it was WhatsApp that made a lots of promises to have more sophisticated and updated version for the same. And they did the alot upon their WhatsApp based messaging services. They introduced some of the best yet useful features like PiP(picture-in-picture), Delete the sent messages, Stickers, Gifs and WhatsApp payment system(this feature is yet to be inculcated to the system). While WhatsApp has already done various experiments on their Beta WhatsApp version. All these features will be inculcated on WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App in the coming days.


While it’s not over yet as WhatsApp has been getting ready for the next level by introducing some new exciting features into it. Recently WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App have unveiled this out that WhatsApp will be having some awesome riveting features to be added in the coming days.

Features like WhatsApp Advanced Search would most probably be added in the WhatsApp. This feature of the WhatsApp Messaging App will let users search almost all the reletable items like images, documents, music, video, etc. for example, if you type in the search box “Photos”, It’ll bring on all the pictures that’ll be stored in your WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App. And finally you can just use them as per your need. A picture will be available with a best quality of preview. So this will be easier to find and send the most relevant picture to the receiver.

WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App - TehcieSurge(2019)
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WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App - TehchieSurge(2019)
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Also, tapping on the link shared by the user will show you the preview

WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App - TechieSurge(2019)
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Whilst tapping on the Audio will show you all the audio messages stored on your WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App. Unfortunately, all these features has not arrived yet. WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App has been working on these features tirelessly. This features will soon be found on the WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App for sure.

WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App - TecieSurge(2019)
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Meanwhile WhatsApp has done tremendous work on the WhatsApp Dark Mode which will be implemented on WhatsApp very soon. Also the WhatsApp smart screen unlock feature has already been implemented on it. Very soon there will be the introduction of the WhatsApp Payment system using a Cryptocurrency or cash transfer using a WhatsApp Wallet. Well this has not yet unveiled by the makers. This feature will be of great help and so there will be lesser chances of using other payment gateways as there are almost half a population of Android or iOS user and they all are using a WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App. Hence there will be more users using the mobile payment system on WhatsApp than any of the other payment gateway.

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