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SOLID: New Age Internet is Getting Born

Data Breaching, Spamming, Spoofing, fake emails, and Online Fraud – These are few of the unpleasant things that you might have experienced once or twice or nowhere else then you might be one of the luckiest guy like me. Because I’ve never experienced such a thing or I might not be able to identify the same. Still, don’t know how much your data cost and don’ know how valuable your data to you. And How this could help the one with all your Data then Click to Know More.

I’m quite sure that you might be feeling annoying and perplexed with the Data thing if you knew its value. You might have got to knew about the recent Facebook’s Data Breach incident that took the Facebook Inc. to a new level. This might bring it to the END if this incident recurs.
Anybody can dig out the valuable and rich data from his/her envy who has some technical knowledge. And yeah, it’s not that easy task but yet it’s not that difficult to make this happen. The Internet is on fire. You might have heard of Paytm’s CEO being extorted for some valuable data. Although all three conspirers got behind the bars finally while they have demanded of about crores in lieu of stolen data. Meanwhile, this might look simple and obvious but it’s actually not. How can a data be stolen without the permission of the owner?

What is a SOLID?

Taking into account all these unusual happenings all around the globe. New Internet is getting born called SOLID. SOLID is named by the Maker of the Internet Tim Berners Lee. He’s the inventor of the World Wide Web(www) in a Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s(MIT’s) Laboratory. And that finally lead to the birth of the “Internet”. Through this incredible Internet thing, the whole world has now complete access to the Internet.

SOLID means “social linked data” and you know what the whole internet is exactly co-related with social data. Every Picture, video, Gifs, that you upload on the Internet for fun or for sharing with your close friends never ever fade away. That bits of Data get into the database of your server and even after deleting that picture/video/Gifs remains in the server of your Internet Service Provider(ISP). In the case of Facebook, the uploaded multimedia gets assimilated into the Facebook’s database. And you think that deleting your delicious picture will erase your Facebook’s Online Data(got fooled?).

What Special Does SOLID Have?

SOLID is a new form of the Internet where all your Data will get encrypted so no one else except you can authenticate and share it with others. Even while surfing the Internet you might never encounter any bogus survey that asks you for picking out the most suitable option. And this is another way of tracking back all you and your personal and private life that advisors used to do. Basically, three major advantages that this SOLID may offer to you:

Ownership – All your Data will truly be yours and no one else except you can utilize it and use it as and when required. You can simply pick the person to whom you want to share your Data and this is it. The Data will be sent to the receiver in an encrypted form and will be unlocked by entering the password that you’ve generated.

Accessibility – All your Data that’s uploaded on the Internet would be accessible to you anywhere and anytime. Because all your Data that you uploaded is right there on your personal Mobile or PC storage. And once you feel like its up to the brim you can store it on your personal cloud as SOLID will be providing you a personal Cloud Storage. So you’ll never be out of Data Storage.

Transferability – You feel like an insecure and losing your personal and private Data? Then you can change your cloud storage as per your compatibility. This is how the SOLID works and has a lot more beneficial than the current version of the Internet. You can lock-in your Data and switch it to another App.

Who is in the Team?

Headed by the major protagonist and is the inventor of the Internet – Sir Tim Berners Lee with his Four Major Team Members named Lalana, Eric, Melvin and Ruben. While the Project is supported by many other leads.

Who’s behind the SOLID?

SOLID is being supported by Inrupt Inc. which is a new startup and this company is supporting this whole new concept of the Internet. This, in turn, helps brings down the vital Data leaks and Data hacking. Inrupt is acting as a backbone of the SOLID framework. As per SOLID and Inrupt, there should be complete ownership for one’s Data and this should not be used untill and unless the prior consent of its true owner. And this is what the SOLID is gonna do. This will bring true ownership and a surge fo innovation to the Developers, Business Person and for everyone.

While this new age of the Internet will be made available as soon as the project gets completed. Since its still under development and Sir TBL has made it confirm that this will bring piracy, Internet Fraud, Pongi Scheme, Data Breach and many such Data that gets extorted will finally come to an end. This new era of the Internet will become live in the coming years. This will in a way shut down the Data leaks and other Online risks.

Tell me How you feel about this age Internet that will soon come into effect and re-innovate the whole new generation of the Online World.

Let me know your views about SOLID!!! Feel free to comment down below.

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