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Kick Out the Spam Messages From Your Android Mobile Device

Are you an Android user? Do you use your mobile phone features more frequently than anyone else in your neighbor? Then you might be getting a lot of mobile messages in your inbox. In which more than half of them must be filled with words of little importance(spammy messages). This is why Google is getting itself ready for the new feature on the Google Mobile devices. The Android Mobile Messages will get safer and will undoubtedly be showing you the most relevant and the important messages for the user.

This new Android Mobile Messages features will be automatically be enabled in your Android devices. You don’t have to update or re-install the app. But the new Android Mobile Messages features will get its place very soon as it’s not available for every device. This new feature will be available as a pop-up at the top of the screen which could be turned ON and OFF I the settings menu.

Let’s Fight Against Spam…

The new Android Mobile Messages feature will be introduced in the coming days or months or a couple of months. Nobody exactly knows when did the features will be updated in the Android devices. Based on the latest Machine Learning technology the bots can surely identify the suspect that tries to inject maliciously or any severe bug on the device. Chats will be using a “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services(RCS).” Google is working on this new messaging technology to secure user data and increase the privacy rate. The implementation of this new Android Mobile Messaging feature will consequently generate more users and may convert them into an Android device user. This will increase Google’s overall productivity and sales. Also, this new feature will enable the users to send/share their photos(high-quality), music, Gifs, get receipts, see whether the recipient is typing a message and all. An added feature of this app will be you can enable the Google Voice Assistant on the go.

Chat Messages will be sent via the internet, and when the receiver’s device isn’t compatible with the sender’s SMS service, then it’ll be automatically be sent as a text message to the receiver. Like Apple’s mobile messages did with their messaging app.

In response to Apple’s iMessage app for Apple and their derivatives. Google has now moved on to the more sophisticated, secure and end-to-end encrypted app.

How to Enable the Spammy Android Mobile Messages:


  1. First of all, Open Up your Android Mobile Messages App in your Android Handset. Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner.

How to Enable Spammy Android Mobile Messages - (TechieSurge 2018)










2. Click on the SETTING tab.


How to Enable Spammy Android Mobile Messages 2- (TechieSurge 2018)










3. Chose the SIM on which you want to Enable the Spam Alerts. (In my case I go for the JIO SIM)

How to Enable Spammy Android Mobile Messages 3 - (TechieSurge 2018)










4. Click on the “Spam Protection”

How to Enable Spammy Android Mobile Messages 4 - (TechieSurge 2018)










5. Enable the “Spam Protection” (By default it’s already Enabled in your Mobile Phone)

How to Enable Android Mobile Messages 5 - TechieSurge(2018)










6. You’re Done!!!

How to Enable Android Mobile Messages 6 - TechieSurge(2018)










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