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Introducing the First Foldable Mobile Phone: Samsung Galaxy X Specs Unveiled

Samsung has finally made it public about their first foldable smartphone. Samsung has not thought this foldable concept of a mobile phone but back in 2011. The company had made a prototype of the same showing clear vision of making the foldable mobile phone. And now in 2018, Samsung has made a Samsung Galaxy X with almost a bang of features. Let’s not waste another penny of time and directly jump onto the recipe that Samsung has made out for all….

But before getting started here….Let’s do some warm-up…

What is a Samsung?

Samsung is a South Korea based tech giant company that majorly built Mobile Phones, microSD cards, earphones, TVs, Hard-disk drives and many more. While the word Samsung is formed out of 2 Korean words – “Sam” which means 3 or the most superior of all. And “Sung” means Stars. The notion behind this name was that the word represents something big and powerful which the company’s founder had thought of.

  • The Richest person of Korea is undoubtedly Lee Kun-hee. The son of the Founder of the Samsung.
  • About 60 percent of Apple’s iPhone curved screen display is made by Samsung.
  • Samsung was sued for the vehemently using some of Apple’s Gestures in their phones for $2.5 billion.
  • Whilst Samsung’s also responsible for building Burj Khalifa as it also endorses C&T.

Samsung has made its first foldable phone and so let’s know what actually Samsung has put inside this phone…. 

Samsung Galaxy X Specs

Samsung Galaxy X Specs - TechieSurge(2018)
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Samsung has made another remarkable yet Flagship Featured mobile phone Samsung Galaxy X Specs featured mobile phone.
Samsung unfolds its Flagship featured mobile phone made of 2 folds. At Samsung Developer Conference the Samsung has just shown a glimpse of its most advanced yet awaited smartphone – Samsung Galaxy X on November 7. Some of the most unexpected features were disclosed at the conference. While many of the features and the mobile itself was not clearly shown to the public. This means that there are still a lot more features and additives that are to be added on the mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy X Specs include the anonymously built Infinity Flex Display technology, this is what the company used to call it.
Samsung Galaxy X Specs includes the abnormally built Display, and this is the reason why this mobile device is rumoured for. The Samsung didn’t make all figures and specs public but stated only a few of them. But let’s now jump on to the latest leaks of the Samsung Galaxy X Mobile Phone…


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Samsung Galaxy X Specs smashes the market place with its intriguing double faced mobile phone and that is not it. It gets itself in to a beautiful bigger screened mobile phone or better is to call it a “Tablet”. All looks amazing and super cool. The mobile phone uncovers its full-screen mode when you unfold the mobile device with a 7.3 inches(approx.) of a gargantuan tablet like screen. All other features will be unveiled during 2019 exposure event of the Samsung’s with all Samsung Galaxy X Specs.

Samsung Galaxy X - TechieSurge(2018)
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It’s going to be called as Samsung Galaxy F – as per various news. And we’re just few months away by the delivery of the phone. Meanwhile the battery would be made according to the foldability of the phone. So that all works accordingly.

Previously, Samsung has delivered a prototype of their foldable smartphone back in the year 2011. Upon which the phone can be easily squeezed out and can be folded into various shapes. But that was just of prototype of what actual phone differs.

Talking of the major Samsung Galaxy X Specs that makes this phone powerful and different from others..…

Samsung Galaxy X Specs - TechieSurge(2018)
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The Interface will be quite different from many of the smartphones out there in the market. As it’ll feature a new kind of window where you can attend all your opened up tabs in a single space and that’s called as a multi-window by the company. The device uses an OLED display to fascinate the phone. The Display is off course protected by Corning Gorilla Glass to protect the screen from any kind of accident.
The Samsung Galaxy X Specs embraces an Exynos 9810 or SD 845/830 chipset inside its heart and that’s supported by 6 Gigs of RAM. Thinking of battery backup? Okay… the device will be backend by 3000-6000mAh of battery life.

Despite all, the system’s UI will be the major item that’ll be the prey of all the buyers. As there will be wholly new inside look interface of the phone will be observed.

The phone will not be exactly going to look like what had been shown at the Samsung Developer Conference – According to the Bloomberg.

What’s the price of the phone?
Undoubtedly the phone will be one of the costlier of all Samsung’s mobile phone. It’s not exactly been said, but it’d costs around 1,850USD(1,34,310INR)

When is it going to release?

The Release date of the phone is not yet confirmed but in Feb 2019 at MWC the phone will be unveiled and further sale will be initiated.

So this is all that we’ve observed till now about Samsung’s upcoming foldable mobile phone – Samsung Galaxy X.

Now tell me in the comment box what’s up inside your head for this latest upcoming mobile phone. While I think this phone is just for fun as its truly and completely focuses on looks. And yes it has all major updated and latest specs but still its not meant for the common man.

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