10 year old kid - TechieSurge(2018)

10 Year Old Kid Teaches How To CODE

This 10-Year-Old Kid Teaches How To CODE for all the ages from 4 to 104 years old person. Samaira Mehta is the protagonist of her amazing riveting company – CoderBunnyz. While many of the kids of similar age enjoys the school life and learn things school wanted to inculcate. Or kids of similar ages might start to watch movies, fav TV shows, Serails and all. But this 10-year-old kid has just nailed it to the coding arena and brought her skills into money making concept.

10 year old kid - TechieSurge(2018)
Samaira Mehta | Source – businessinsider.in










For you to let her know that Samaira Mehta is an Indian origin kid of 10 years old. She started to code when she was just 6 years old. Amazingly she’s built this coding love from her father – Rakesh who is an Engineer at Intel and was a former employee at Sun Microsystems. He’s the man that helped her become one of the successful coder fo all time. Also, she’s has learned about Aritficial Intellegence(AI) that’ll help all young community of a coder to get acquainted with the latest tech upliftments.

Talking of her achievements, She’s the founder and CEO of her own company CoderBunnyz. This site teaches students all about coding and to how master them all at once and that too using a perfect blend of AI. The course brings AI into effect using Image Recognition, Adaptive learning and a lot more. 

10 year old kid - TechieSurge(2018)
Aadit Mehta | Source – businessinsider.in








In the meantime her brother, Aadit has also mastered himself to code, and he also helped him bring this rarified concept of teaching the lessons to young kids. Aadit, her brother of similar age bar, has got some great coding skills in himself. He helped her build another coding zone – CoderMindz,which was a sequel to the earlier one – CoderBunnyz.

CoderMindz was started off after CoderBunnyz got a huge response from all over the globe. CoderMindz was created with an intention to help young generation especially girls to help them code using sophisticated AI smart learning methods. Her father Rakesh further helped this company to get into the eyes of all young and like minded people to know about this company. At the age of 9 she’s built an amazing AI based Board Game along with her brother, Aadit. Until now she’s done more than 60 workshops at SIlicon Valley including Google HQ. The company got major attention from USA, North America, Europe and Asia.  Also she’s been the youngest speaker at the CMG impact 2016 Women In Tech,2017. That in turn help building a SHE-conomy at Microsoft and she’s been a speaker at various tech events at Silicon Valley. CoderMindz is a helpful interactive course that can easily grabbed up from Amazon. 

She’s been recognized and greeted by “The White House” for the mind-blowing work on AI. 

Sony says – “I see CoderBunnyz game with every child in the world in North America, South America, from Asia to Europe the whole world”.

Barnes & Noble says – “CoderBUnnyz is a Board Game that teaches kids computer coding concepts”.

Makezine says – “Make a code, master coding concepts, all this while playing a game”.

AllBusiness says – “Kids are craving this type of concepts. In fact trainees are becoming trainers,”.

NBC says – “a board game that teaches a basic problem-solving skills needed to master coding”.

TechSoup.org says – “8 years old teaches to coding skills at various public libraries with her invented Board Game”.

Furthermore, she’s been invited by the Google to work with them adding some remarkable asset to the World’s biggest tech giant. She’s been invited to join the company as soon as she completes her college degree. 

Summing up the whole case scenario we’ve got such a prodigy of kid that is putting in some valuable asset to the technological world by educating all the ages of people from 4 to 104 years old. That is simply insane as many of us has been thinking of learning to code while this young girl has mastered it all at such a tender age. All the tech companies and people around the globe are appreciating her work and contribution towards this amazing work of her.

Would you not like to tell us in a comment section that what do YOU think of this dazzling company where the most advanced tech like AI been used in an interactive way to teach coding. (Thumbs UP!!! and Good Luck to this amazing company from my side)

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