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Online Earning Facebook Research App - TechieSurge (2018)

Ohh So you’re willing to make some decent amount of Money using some Android Apps or iOS earning apps. Right? Everybody is willing to make a money but with some ease of work. Because nobody is here to perform the real hard work out there. Everybody’s finding a shortcut so here’s a solution to your Online Earning – Facebook Research Program App 2018.

The Online Earning Facebook Research App 2018 was designed by Onavo and Onavo is currently be owned by Facebook. The Facebook ain’t doing nothing. This Online Earning Facebook Research App 2018 consumes all your mobile phone data including phone contact details, photos, messages and many other files like this as per its policy.

This is how the app works…..

Online Earning Facebook Research App - TechieSurge (2018)

– First of all, you have to install the app – Facebook Research App 2018
– Then you’ll have to join or sign up the program
(Caution: The app cannot be found on anywhere on the internet including Google Playstore. This can be downloaded only through the referral program which can only be sent to you through email and/or mobile no. )
– After installing this app you’ve to keep this app for at least 30 days long
– Additionally you’ve to keep this app open for at least 10 hrs.

How you can Earn through Online Earning Facebook Research App Program 2018?

All you’ve to do is to keep this app open for at least 10 hrs long for at least 30 days. By doing so you’ll surely earn 5USD for a month. And in this way you’re earning 5USD a month with doing nothing but to install and open the app.
Your earning could be increased when you refer a friend to do the same job. The referral program works like this –
You’ve to refer a friend under 30 days and if they actively participate and do the same, then only you can earn 10USD a month for if they keep the app for 20 days long.

Secondly the one has to sign up the project after 30 days of your joining then upon referring you’ll get 5USD for each of the referral joining.

Lastly you’ll earn 20USD for each of your active referral account for a month. Example, of there were 10 active members for a month then you’ll have 20USD, if you have 15 active members then you’ll have a 40USD and so on.
And yes you can only join and start earning from this app only using the referral link. And there’s no other way that you can join this program.

My Recommendation:

Online Earning Facebook Research App - TechieSurge (2018)

Let me tell you one thing about this app that this app is primary made for consuming all your data that your mobile phone have. The app can only be found via the one who have already installed the app. This is not available on Google Playstore as it doesn’t comply with the Playstore’s norms. It’s becoming viral on the internet through referral program.

And you know what how important is your data to you like photos, vedios, contact numbers, messages, emails, transactions details, etc. So they primarily sip your data and this is why their only requirement is to install their app and use it for at least 10 hrs so that it can easily with data all your mobile personal and professional data from your mobile phone.

I personally never recommend such apps like Online Earning Facebook Research App for you to earn online. Rather make money online by learning new and quality skills. Only genuine and hard work retains and rest will fade away with time. You think that installing and using this app is easy and earning is quite easy but your don’t even know that how much the data of a single person amounts. You can’t even imagine the amount. The person who is holding a bunch of data is the only billionaire or millionaire in today’s world. You’ll realize this after you’ll lose some of your valuable data.

Yes it’s true that this Online Earning Facebook Research App pays you off. You’ll get paid for using this app by following its guidelines. But you forget about how important is your information click for the reminder.

And yes the fact that they are running this app for free because we are living in a smartphone world there’s no one who’s not attached with the smartphone and so it’d quite easy for any marketers to approach via app/online program to conduct a survey. Guess what there are tons of money that will be flooded if an organization or firm conducts a survey for any product launch or anything else.

So I personally will recommend you not to install this bogus app for your small earnings. If you’re installing such apps, then you still don’t know how important is your personal and professional data. It may be a bunch of unuseful files for you but it’s a source of income for many other guys. I extremely recommend you not to install such fake apps on your mobile phones.

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