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Best VPN for India in 2018 [Featured]

VPN(virtual private network), isn’t the most appreciable and useful tool that helps you conceal your identity, location, data usage, logging details, and many other online private info. VPN is a great tool for anyone willing to secure their online data and work privately without getting traced by any third-party authority.  

But you know that there are a lot of VPNs offering some real great features. And since they offer you some awesome real features for which they charge you a small amount of Rupee(dollar). But that is okay as if you wanted to own your internet privately and wanted to have a place of complete silence without a any disruption.

So finally I’m up with this….

Here’s a list of free/paid best VPN for India in 2018….

 1. ExpressVpn

There’s a reason why I’m putting this VPN at the top of my list. This is a great tool offering you a number of locations like Chennai, Mumbai and other neighbouring countries. After all it is giving you a great choice of choosing your own preferred location.

The speed might vary and become low at some moment of time.
No doubt it’s an easy-to-use app for all platform including android mobile, iOS version, and windows platform.
Well, it’s available for 24*7 hrs for the customer support once you register there. And there’s no free trial available.
The connection is almost secure so you don’t need to worry about any security flaw. There is a P2P(peer-to-peer secure connection between your server and the server. Its not bogus tosay that its one of the best VPN for India in 2018.

Major features of the ExpressVpn are:

● Lots of locations available
● Costly
● Secure
● No Free Trials

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 2. Ivacy VPN

Another best VPN for India in 2018 is the Ivacy VPN which offers 450+ server locations to get connected.
Because of the type of VPN that a country where it’s made of. There are a lot of restrictions for the government indulging in VPN services but Ivacy allows you to get connected with all other servers that is available.
Most importantly if you’re just tired up of using your VPN with a single device then here’s a solution to this. As it’ll help you connect with 5 device at a time for a same account.

As in most of the cases, the VPN connection leads to the decrease in the speed of the data. But feel free to use Ivacy VPN as it’ll maintain the same speed without any other restrictions. It’s designed in such a way that it’ll help protect your online privacy as well as maintains a particular browsing speed.

And don’t you bother about any kind of help as it’ll help you for 24*7. There’s customer support that’ll help you guide when you’re struck with any problem.

So no way to a hindrance to the usage of the Ivacy VPN.

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3. SaferVPN

It covers a total 9 servers on India.

Mainly it offers their services on Android, Windows, iOS and Mac platforms. With the greatest speed it offer various security patches like OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP and PPTP.

There’s no logging of your data, maintains an average speed but it do collects some info like IP address, connection, disconnection, and many other data. Also one major drawback is that the torrents aren’t supported. This was all its down points. Its pointing towards one of the best VPN for India in 2018.

And don’t worry about any kind of help as the customer services are available for all day long. You can make a live chat, connect via emails or can make a call if possible. Now it’s backed up by a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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4. Buffered VPN

Primarily its base sever is located in Spain. As per Buffered VPN, there is an ultra military level security for your internet. Unlike many other VPNs this one doesn’t reccure for speed.

This VPN is suitable for both mobile(android and iOS) and desktop(windows and Mac) versions available.
Buffered Vpn isn’t the cheapest Vpn of all. The best part is that it offers a great refund policy. That means you can request for the refund of the amount within 1 month of activation of the process. Provided you can get your money back only if you’ve haven’t used your Vpn for more than 10 hrs of time, 100 sessions or 10 Gb of bandwidth. For this reason its considered as another best VPN for India in 2018.

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5. StrongVpn

This one’s a great speed a usual. It has about 650+ servers in 26 countries 46 cities. This one works for all devices like Android, Mac, iOS, Windows and many other devices.

It’s having a 59,000+ shared IPs and dedicated IPs. It allows you to connect to the same Vpn with maximum 5 different devices. While other Vpn services limits the speed of the internet surfing and downloading. This has no speed limit you can surf internet fully and download using torrent and other download manager.

Plus you’ll get 101 per cent security level patch-up as there’s no logging details of the user and server locations.
No way to bother about public wifi as your mobile data and many such info are protected via a layer of StrongVpn. This is why its considered as one of the best VPN for India in 2018.

You wanna buy this great VPN for India in 2018?

Here’s trick You can go and buy the StrongVpn and use it for 1 month for Free as it offers you a 1 month money-back guarantee. For this you can go and contact the customer services via emails, chats and contact number.
They accept all major payment methods like PayPal, Alipay, Bitcoin.

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