151 Free Useful Sites on the Internet[Must Know] - 2018

151 Useful Sites on the Internet | 2018

You know what there are tons of free websites on the internet but do you know what’s good to visit and what’s not?

Many of the websites on the internet are none of our use. Then what’s useful and productive to make use of that site.

Still don’t know?

Just hold my hand and I’ll lead you to land on the sites that are really very useful and creative for all.

151 Free Useful Sites on the Internet [Must Know] - 2018

◆ Freelancing:

Want to earn something online out of your skills then here are some of amazing websites that offers money in lieu of work. Simply you have to perform your job provided in a limited period and you’ll have some decent amount of money in your hand.

1) Freelancer: Not the top-most site of all but it’s most used and trusted by users all around the world. Here you can hire any kind of person to make your work done like windows related, photography, and many more. Just perform the work given to you and undoubtedly you’ll be paid for it.

2) UpWork: It’s quite similar to other freelancing sites but here you’re free to work individually, or in a team to make a project success. There’s no need to worry about anything regarding payment or any kind of payment related issues. It’s another well-known freelancing site.

3) ContentMart: Contentmart is all about content writing that means here you can sign up as a writer to write for someone or you can sign up as a client to have your desired writings from the writers already ready to take up a project.
If you got a thrill and urge to showcase your writing skills, then go on it’ll pay you that much amount what you’ve not imagined in your mind.

4) Guru: Perfectly designed and is one of the oldest of all offering almost every features job. Guru makes it more simple and secure to work with the client and/or worker from the beginning to the payment procedure. You can perform here professional plus Non-professional job.

Guru was first registered on the year 1988 and is serving globally. It’s the most trusted websites so you can register yourself for free and can earn some real thing.

5) 99designs: Are you a designer and able to make a great logo, book covers, T-shirt designs, etc then it’s a great place for you. Go get yourself inside this adventurous site and show case your skills and make yourself a successful person in the field of designing.

6) PeoplePerHour: This is another great site that focuses primarily on the web things like web design,  SEO work, designing, and others. The best part here is the work is done and severed to the client in a fixed time and there are a lot of quality workers can be found here.

7) Medium: Another great platform to read, write, and listen to the most genuine authors from all around the globe. It’s a great way to share and read others opinions without any cost. If you feel something to contribute on writing department then you can go to medium, register yourself and be a part of the greatest writing platform.

8) Toptal: Toptal is the most trusted as well as the most expert workers can be found here. It’s assumed as the top 3 per cent of the freelancers work here so you can easily hire to them up. Also if you wanted to work here then you have to pass a pre-designed task to be eligible to work with them. On passing the test you’ll be able work with the biggest companies like airbnb, Zendesk, NetApp, etc. And you’ll be offered to work for the Toptal and get to know about the events and tech meet-ups.

9) DemandMedia: It’s a great site for those evangelists who are expert in creative types like film making, producers, photographers, writers, software designers and many more. It offers some amazing way to create a unique content, work with the clients, and to promote your talent.

10) SimplyHired: Unlike many other freelancing sites, it’s a great platform for students to working-class people. You can go here and search for your most suitable job profile and get started. Whatever you may be like a programmer, designer, a college student, expert or anything special, can go here and check it out for once.



Under this section you’ll be having some amazingly built sites that will help you to directly link you to the required site within no time.

11) fast: It helps to measure the current speed of the internet.

12) Resizeimage: It’s one of amazing site as it’ll help you to resize the image, convert from pdf to jpg, compress, gif maker, mp3 cutter and a lot more could be performed here.

13) Autodraw: It’s a simple and effective site that helps to draw some meaningful figures free-handedly that uses machine drawing.

14) archieve.is: It lets you take a screenshot of any existing webpage and save it for free whether that page has been removed or unavailable on the internet in the future.

15) screenshot.guru: It will help you to take a screenshot of any webpage online in high-resolution in mobile phone and desktop.

16) dictation.io: Your most accurate voice to text converter.

17) reverse.photos: it will generate similar photos on your screen once you upload a single image to the directory.

18) copychar.cc: amazing site with a collection of all the special character and can be copied to make us of.

19) noisli: Another great site to help improve your productivity and increase your focus.

20)iconfinder: huge set of icons could be generated for different projects. Similar sites are icon8 and flaticon

21) wolframalfa: Don’t worry you got an answer to all your questions in a single go whether it’s from chemistry, mathematics,

22) jotti.org: Before installing any suspicious fuel into your Android mobile or in your pc. Go scan for viruses or any harmful files if attached to it.

23) virustotal: Another great site that helps to know any virus or malware related to the file uploaded. You only need to upload the file in a suspicion to the site and it’ll show all the major bugs, viruses attached to it(if any).

24) e.ggitimer: An alternative to your mobile alarm that helps to set a timer online and out a whack on you if it exceeds.

25) random: It will generate a random number, flips a coin and a lot more.

26) fonts.google: The best collection of fonts available online.

27) whatthefont: After uploading a written image to the site, it’ll tell you the closest match of font.

28) fontstruct: It will let you draw your own font and use them.

29) Skype: Make a voice or video call using your mobile phone or PC.

30) WeTransfer: A great web/app to help you transfer a really bulk files from one system to another on the go.

31) SnapDrop: Now you can directly send your files to other android device online without using any app.

32) Grammarily: It checks your writing’s grammar, style, and many more.

33) NoteFlight: Hey!! You got some musical plight then go check out this site that will help you create your own music for the first time.

34) Google Translate: translate any PDFs, web pages, docs online.

35) SimilarSites: Discover similar sites to your entered site.

36) bubbl.us: Create a graphical picture of your mindmap.

37) color.adobe: Get to know more about the color scheme and apply a great combination of color.

38) Lmgtfy: When you are just too lazy to type in for searches.

39) Sync.in: Edit the docs and notes online in multiple mode. This site will end up creating a great collaboration.

40) join.me: Join me helps to connect the desktop screen directly with the users online in a web for free. Clear quality of audio and vedio are the major features of this site/app.

41) Instrustables: One of the rarest and great site that will help the newbie to create/design something new as it has an ultimate source of tech, design, housing, fooding and many more. There are tons of methods to make a lot out of your subject.

42) Memrise: This is the one platform for all the learner out there. It offers almost all the major languages, science, and a lot more to inculcate in your mind. One of the amazing platform and amazing resource for learning minds.

43) PikMonkey: Your one stop to photo editing, collage creation and many more can be done with this online web/app. A perfect tool to edit, reshape, font change, and make it use on your social profiles.

44) Boxoh: A very useful and effective as it will record the movement of your package of shipment via Google Maps.

45) Stickk: A great web application that’s related to one’s health and lifestyle. You wanted to stick to your goals and make a better yourself then this online tool will surely help you make a better version of you. Just register yourself and stock to it.

46) HostelBookers: You want to go outstations and have a budget rooms to stay. Then this site will provide you a decent option to book your rooms almost all the major countries of the world.

47) SkyScanner: SkyScanner is an online travel site that helps make a good comparison between different flights, cars and hotels room.

48) FitDay: It’s a free site that will help you become a fit person. It provides a free detailed list of diets and weight loss plan to give you a detailed analysis of your whole body parts. It has a bundle of free articles on nutrition.

49) Endomondo: Endomondo is a mobile app that allows you to keep a track of your fitness life. Now you no need to worry about any fitness experts. You have got a fitness in your pocket.

50) MyFitnessPal: If fitness is your extreme goal then this app/site helps you manage the amount of calories burnt, track about your fooding and more stuffs are included in this.

51) Fuelly: Fuelly is an online site that helps to track, share, analyze the amount of fuel consumed by your vehicle.

52) 3-Minute Journal: It’s somewhat different from other journal site that helps track your moods, achievements, failure and other precious moments of your life.

53) ScribbleMaps: Ever thought of creating your own map and get it uploaded on internet? This is what this site does and helps make you create a successful map and upload it on the internet for free.

54) Privnote: It will let you make a note on the site and it’ll be destroyed after you put a certain time limit.

55) TinEye: TinEye is a reverse image search tool that provides you an accurate Google’s search image. TinEye will generate a set of APIs that can be used for personal and commercial purposes, which is very useful for developers.

56) scr.im: A great way to protect your email from getting spamed. While sharing your email on any social sites, chances are that they get spamed by Google’s bot and can be used by intruders. The site helps shrink your email to a beautiful shareable link which is safe to use on any social sites.

57) ZeroDollarMovies: It has an incredible collection of movies from English movies to Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil. It offers a wide range of movies from 1905 to 2015 movies of great movies. A must visit site for movie lovers.

58) GetNotify: A great site to help manage the email services. It features an email notifications when it’s read by the recipient, tracks the IP address, browser details and many more.

59) AccountKiller: Do you’ve a lot of social media accounts and you wanted to have all the accounts down and deleted? And you don’t have a time to curb them all and perform tedious checks to delete the account. Your one step solution is here, it’ll let you delete all the major social accounts in a single go.

After following a certain set of rules and tips regarding closing the account, the account will be deactivated. White box means it’s easy to remove the account, grey box means its slight difficult to remove the account while black box means it’s impossible to remove such social accounts.

60) Mailinator:This is another great site that helps you generate a free trashable emails for free. Ever encountered with the site/pop-ups that asks for registration with emails and eventually you’ll get spammed. So this site will provide you free emails that are produced for an hour and gets destroyed after an hour.

61) Newsmap.jp: Great site for news headlines from all around the world. The site will show you all trending news in a sequence following a darker font and become lighter as you scroll down. The lighter one’s shows less trendy news.

62)  Pdfunlock: This site helps in unlocking the locked pdf files and helps in merging, splitting and many more can be done with it.

63) Spreeder: A lot of contents on the internet and you’re unable to go through all of them(Right?). But this site will help you do this job as it’ll set a words per minute, change the font color, change background color of the text pasted in the box.

64) Zamzar: This site lets you convert any format of the fuel to the desired format. It contains all the formats from pictures(JPEG, jpg, PNG, etc), music(mp3, mid, midi, etc), docs(html, html4, html5, etc), etc.

65) About.me: A free platform that allows you to share your info online and grow your professional job profile.

66) Allrecipes: Are you a food lover and loves to cook food? Then here comes a useful site for you as it’ll provide you a thousand of recipes for free.

67) Boredbutton: Are you bored for working long hours? Then here comes the button that will surely let your boredom flush away.

68) Clipconverter.cc: A beautiful site that converts your uploaded fuel format to the desired vedio/audio format.

69) DuckDuckGo: A search engine that doesn’t track you anymore and browse anything here for privately.

70) Draw.io: Avery useful site to generate a project including a flow chart, graphs, UML, and many more.

71) Duolingo: Do you love to acquire diffrent languages like me? A site that will help you learn all different kind of language completely for free.

72) Giphy: Do you love GIFs? Then here’s a bulk of GIFs available for you.

73) Honey: Automatically searches for the coupon code and apply when you’re shopping.

74) Unfurlr: Know the real URL of the shortened URL.

75) IMBD: A source of info about the movies, games, and other media.

76) UrbanDictionary: An online dictionary especially for slang words and phrases.

77) WhatsmyIPAddress: Know about your Ip address and other useful details.

78) TheOatMeal: You love comics? Here’s a great collection of comics.

79) YouConvertIt: Convert any media to another online for free and explore other features.

80) infogram: Create your amazing infogram, charts online for free.

81) FightAware: Find your flight details for free here. You can check out all the details about your flights(private or commercial).

82) RetailMeNot: Find amazing coupon codes and use it for shopping or buying anything online to free.

83) Gnoosic: Discover some real new music online.

84) Magnatune: An online music store where you can download or listen to music for free.

85) Mockaroo: You’re working on MS-Excel and having piles of entry to do. Here’s a pre-filled data to make your work easier.

86) 10minutemail: Tired of filling online form that require an email addresses? Here you can find a disposable emails that you can use in your sign up forms.

87) Whereami: Find exactly your current location online using this site in a couple of seconds.

88) Thunkable: A great place to create an app for iOS/Android online using drag-and-drop method. It’s the simplest and easy-to-use method to make an app.

89) Slide.ly: Create your own vedio for online media and marketing for absolutely free.

90) LocalLingual: Learn from real voices of people all around the world any language for free.

91) BrowserTracker: Know how much your device know about you.

92) TheTrueSize:  It tells you the real size of the countries of the world.

93) Ocearch: Track real-time locations of sharks.

94) Gtmetrix: A great site to analyse your site’s performance.

95) Minutes.io: Create a quick meeting for your efficient and fluent work group.

96)  FaxZero: Send Fax for free.

97) GifYoutube: A site that will convert YouTube vedios to GIFs.

98) SuperLogout: Just click on the link and you’ll be logged out of all the online platforms.

99) OhDontForget: A simple reminder tool.

100) Ninite: Install and update all your apps in a go.

101) OldVersion: Find out old version of any software.

102) Qclock: Find Locks time of any place of the world.

104) JustDeleteMe: An easy way to delete all your online media profiles at a single go.

105) PushBullets: Connect your phone notification to your Desktop.

106) CorruptAFile: Now corrupt a file if you’re being late for submission of a project.

107) WobZip: Compress any file online instantly.


◆ Educational 


108) WikipediaNearby: Shows you some of the best articles around your location.

109) FreeRice: An interactive way to improve your Vocabulary and meanwhile donate rice.

110) MitAppInventor: Build your first app using Mit App Builder.

111) Rhymer: A tool for a poet.

112) Mathway:  Useful to solve mathematical problems and is designed especially for students.

113) Khan Academy: Includes courses for students with vedio and practice sets made and Incorporated by experts in online mode. You can access free short  courses here.

114) Coursera: Each and every course on Coursera are taught by an instructor who is graduated from top universities and colleges around the globe. It’s free and also available in paid versions.

115) Lynda: It includes many courses on software development, web development, programming, etc that are of high quality. Designed and run by a panel of experts.

116) Udemy: It’s another great online platform to learn anything from coding to design, photography, music and many more. If you have something share with the world, then you can also join and become an instructor.

117) Unacademy: Another great online learning platform that has.awesome courses related to UPSC, SSC, from primary to matriculation lectures to help the students in their online learning method.

118) CodeAcademy: You want to learn something related to coding, computer related work. Then you’re in a right place, here you can find a lot of useful stuffs only but only for geeky guys.

119) HowStuffWorks: An amazing site to know all about different stuffs and many more. Useful for all the age groups.

120) Wikipedia: A source of info for all kind of person. All the detailed info can be found about any personality, movies, history, etc.

121) Wikibooks: A large bundle of books available online for free.

122) Project Gutenberg: A large collection of online downloadable e-books available for free.

123) Many books: Over 30,000 collection of e-books available online for free. You can download to your database or read it online.

124) NPTEL: A source of knowledge to study about all the engineering branches. It includes a vedio lectures, pdfs and lecture notes. Made by India’s Top-most institutes, IITs lecturers.

125) PopularMechanics: A great source of information and practice based knowledge especially for mechanical engineers.

126) DigitalHistory: An amazing collection of information about a history of US.

127) HyperHistory: A book of maps of Historical events designed to serve you an ultimate source of info.

◆ Multimedia


128) Youtube.com/tv: Watch the YouTube vedios in a Tv mode.

129) Mixlr: Create an interactive live audio broadcast.

130) ProjectNaptha: Delete text from images.

131) Canva: A best place to make a poster, fb cover, insta pictures, infogram and many more.

132) Animoto: Offering you a professional looking vedio editing tools for free.

133) Vectr: Create an amazing vector art in online mode.

134) Designer.io: Create/Edit your own vector/image for many arenas.

135) SparkAdobe: Create an ultra amazing vedio using your voice, pictures and a lot more using Adobe spark.

136) Powtoon: Creat an awesome looking vedio graphics using stunning elements especially made for you.

137) Flipanimo: Create an amazing flip animation.

138) Clyp.It: Record your voice/sound and upload it on the  site without creating an account.

139) Sumopaint: An amazing platform to share and create your paintings for free.

140) AmChart: Create and amazing looking JavaScript charts and graphics for free.

141) RadioGarden: An amazing place to listen to a radio station online for completely free using your data(I really enjoy listening to it).

142) Unsplash: A biggest collection of all the HD pics you can download and use it for free.

143) Pixabay: Another great site to download all HD resolutions pictures for free and use it for personally and commercially.

144) Shutterstock: Similar to Pixabay and Unsplash, it’s a collection of all free to use images around the internet.

145) Pexels: Here you can find an amazing pictures shot by pro photographers and use it commercially.

146) Pixlr: Not an Adobe version but it offers a great editing tools on its site.

147) Archives: A source of watching online movies, documentaries and many more.

◆ Fun Games


148) In: It offer you a bundle of online games online for free.

149) Miniclip: A tons of games available for you.

150) Orisinal:  An amazingly designed online gaming site.

151) Papertoys: Download some amazing paper works and use it for free.


How many sites have you already visited of above sites stated?

Comment down your answer in numbers!!

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