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Do you know how important is your information? Do you know that you already own lacks of money? Have you registered for any social media account? Have you ever pondered that why data are collected in well – construction manner and reserved for future use? Like in a bank while you make use of any services, the automated bots will be there to collect all your paths that you’ve crossed across.

Recently you may have came across of the fact that Facebook data had been leaked by the company, Cambridge Analytica. Don’t you think that your privacy is now no more private. It’s been selling out for some huge amount of money in lieu of your data. Now who is responsible for this staggering act and how it took place?

What is data? And what is information?

Data is a collection of all the raw facts, figures, numbers. Data are plain facts and the word data is a plural of “DATUM”. Data is just like a part of the machine where you don’t know how to use them but you’ve a all those parts with you. Whereas the data that is well – structured, ordered, processed, in a suitable form known as an information. It is slight differ from the data.

How important is information?

Myths that the info. submitted by you in the online form are for their site improvement and to serve you better on their site. But don’t you think that your entered data on any site can be violated. They can be used against of you. They can be used to hack or steal your contacts, media, voice calls to make use on their social works like advertising, social media marketing, and many more. And that too sold out in a bulk to giant companies that requires that kind of data in order to help improve their business works. You don’t even know that sellers (having data) sell these data in a bulk. Ever thought that your data can be sold out to the companies without your consent and that too in lieu of a huge amount?

Now you got to know that you own some huge money with you. How? The data that you fill in the forms on bogus online websites are designed to make you do so. They will allure you giving a fake discounts/cash back/ or anything that makes you click on that false link. So beware of those sites and let yourself safe from intruders. Because data is everything in today’s world.

Who knows you perfectly?

You might tell me that your father/mother/grandparents/best friends or someone else knows you better. Explaining that they have been with you since birth, school life, college life, etc. But you are wrong and let me tell you that you are here because you most probably have a smartly designed phone(Smartphone). That will help you in every moment of time and works as directed by you. Ever thought that YouTube suggest you a vedio that you most likely to click and stream it. It always helps serves you the one you like the most and search most recently. Don’t you believe me then recall what you’ve searched on YouTube in past 10 days(or less than this) and now tell me what vedios you are watching currently. Don’t you love them? Yes you like it and that’s why they start to pop-up as you search for any keyword.

Now turning onto the Google searches, the search will most probably give you suggestions based on your likeliness. Again if you doubt me recall what you have searched on Google in past 10 days(or less than this). And now tell me what you got, you’ll most likely to land in your own mindset that Google exactly knows. All social media that links with Google are most prone to take in the data that you enter while using any of the Google services.

In short, all those apps that you use on your mobile phone does secretly captures every insight of your data(like photos, vedios, calls, other files). So Google takes all your data from you asking “Allow Xcz app to use your media”. You might have noticed this while installing new apps.
Henceforth, now you might come to know that no one else like Google knows you and your personal interests. What you like to eat, the place you like the most, and many more of your choices.

The reason behind all this is you have a smartphone with 4g connection. And that’s all Google required to perform this job. And if don’t want yourself and your device got traced by google, then go buy or use a 2g connection mobile that may surpass google’s searching ability.
Now you got to know that no one else except Google knows you better.

What about Privacy?

In simple terms, privacy means to seclude data, information from others and express yourselves selectively.

Now what if your data is leaked and used by some third party organization? What you’re going to do and what measures you’ll take to protect yourselves from these types of scammers?

Haven’t you’ve filled any online form that requires your data like name, age, birth date, personal interest, etc. I expect that you’ve done this kind of work once in your lifetime. And if you don’t then, remember to never enter those sites and most importantly never fill forms like this. You never knew that these data are sold out in tons that costs more than lacks, or sometimes in crores. Because your private data is your private data, and it’s none of others business. You have only sole right to use your personal and professional data as and when required. Many of the Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps shares some bogus false links that you may fill in to get discounted, cash back, and links to your favourite products. These kinds of links are completely false and malicious. They are exactly made to perform that job and as a human we should not enter into links like that.

But here comes the Super Hero that will protect your private data and punish those who are involved in these kinds of harmful activities. It’s called “GDPR” which means GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION. So the GDPR is made to rise against the data misusers and act accordingly. But wait, the act is applicable, regulated and came into force only on European countries. Shocked ?

Let’s not lose hope because you are the only person that is responsible for present scenario. If you’ve ever trolled it badly or shared a post regarding your privacy then your country INDIA might also have rules similar to Europe. Because nobody gives a priority to their privacy so do the government. Government still not responding upon privacy rules and regulations to optimize it and secure one’s data. This is just because nobody wanted their privacy to be private. Some of you might say that “Why care about privacy if my data is like an open book so anybody can learn it and use it” – that means you yourself inviting malware, hackers, stealers to use your data as per their requirement.

As an example, take the recent Facebook data leak tragedy. The Cambridge Analytica is taping all your data since 2014, signed with Facebook Corp. The company is working with Facebook and collecting all personally identifiable data saying that they can be used for future experiment. But in 2018 you came to know that your data has been misuse and collected for some reasons and is used in enhancing political strategies. This data leak came into light when a local News publisher published in a Paper about Facebook Data Leak recently and after a long research it was found that about 87 million users data were concealed and misused since 2014.

But Facebook isn’t doing this job since 2014, Facebook itself collecting your personal data since 2012. Don’t know how? Facebook is an app that allows you some great features and usage. But do you know that this app is secretly collecting all your data since it’s birth. Say, when you open a tab in chrome or any browser and at the same time you’ve logged in on Facebook app then all your info. are collected by Facebook. Even your voice, contacts got covered by Facebook.

In the same way Google is also recording, holding your voice via Google’s Voice and Search Recognition. So my humble advice is to not to use such apps because you’re not like an octopus that can judge fire alarm deep in the water.

How to protect your privacy?

Some well-known methods to help secure your privacy are :

1) In your mobile phone, whenever you install a new app it requires a special permission to use your photo, media, mails, etc. Make sure that you should allow those apps that are trusted and safe to use. Never allow permission to such apps because they may hack your device, data, and may be your data can be used by someone else.

App permissions - information

App permissions(2) - information


2) Never register on those sites that will give you a discount/coupons/cash back after registration. Because once you give your data on that particular site that can be sold to anyone and you don’t know who and where your data will be used.

3) Sometimes you might have encountered with the links that asks for your mobile number, name, address, etc. So the data that you entered can be used against of you and you’ll never know who used them against of you. Got fooled ever? You have to take a lesson from those guys who got trapped in that situation before the same may recur

4) Never install such apps that are out of Google Playstore, those apps are made for intruding into your mobile phone and hack your private data, voice calls, voice, etc. This time Google proved that they are tapping our mobile phones so how can you believe that your mobile phone will be safe after installing from other sites.

That’s why “DATA” is considered as the most valuable and worthy asset of future. So now onwards you might have came to know that how important is your personal data that you give to anyone else without knowing the truth behind why your data are collected by such authority.

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