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Internet has become the close friend of humans nowadays. Yes, you’ve heard it right friends, and there’s no doubt that without the internet Nobody will perfectly or completely enjoy their life journey. The internet has become the part of life. Nobody wants to live a bogus lifestyle. Everybody wants to enjoy their lifestyle to the fullest and without the help of internet we are unable to connect with people living in other part of world (say).
Internet has first came into existent in 1983 by some researchers at ARPA(Advanced Research Project Agency) that lead to the connections of a “network of networks”. After that the internet was first put online by Sir Tim Berners Lee in 1989, using a unique connection, now what is called as World Wide Web (www). After the arrival of this technology the online community has consequently grown up and growing day by day. More computers started to build and with the help of internet the more and more number of computers get connected with the help of URL (Uniform Resource Locator). After the evolution of the internet, technology has been rising tremendously. Now, with the growing use of internet, there is a large amount of data that is transferred from one source to other source (where source = computer)

Now many of us don’t know how internet works that is, from where this data transfer take place and how? What’s the reason behind the data speed? Why data speed gets lowered at some point of space and time and at other it serves you a huge speed? What’s the reason behind data charges that some network companies takes a large sum from you and others some meagre amount? So let’s get started with the internet first and see how it works and stuffs used for the connectivity.

Who owns the internet?

Basically internet is owned by some large companies that uses an optic fibre deep in the ocean. The data is transferred using these cables set – up under the surface of water throughout the world. Talking about the ownership, the person or group that uses their cables deep in the ocean is/are the only owner of the so called — internet. Shocked? Me too.
And these companies are sometimes referred to as Tier – 1 (or level 1) that helps distribute the internet throughout the world.




How internet works?

As I said the optic fibre/ submarine cables set deep down in the ocean. In each cable the large number data is transferred from one place to another. The optic fibres have many wires (as thin as your hair) that owe a 100GB/SEC (Approx.) of speed in each of the hairy optic fibre.
The major theme of optic fibre is that the thin hair like wire serves as a source of transmission of data in the form of light. Now as you know the light can travel very fast and that too in optic fibre.
Now when you enter any keyword to a search engine, then it first goes to the nearest server that your service provider is registered with like in my case I’m using JIO SIM to access the internet. Here JIO is one of the service provider that owns its own internet. It means it falls under TIER -1 (level 1) category. That’s why in INDIA, Jio is giving you a high-speed data and calls for very low cost that nobody in Indian Market has ever served to you.

What if you are having other service provider than Jio like Airtel, Tata DoCoMo, etc? If you are linked to a service provider other than Jio then, your service provider is in Tier -2 (level 2) that buys internet services from Tier -1 (level 1) companies to serve their customers.
Also in my locality I’m having local services that uses their own router or Wifi tower that also serves you great internet speed undoubtedly. These kind of internet service provider are called as Tier -3 (level 3). They buy internet services from Tier – 2 (level 2) companies.

Why the cost of internet is high?

You never paid for the internet services which your service provider has cost you. The money that you spent goes directly to the service provider and he (Tier – 2) eventually spent that money on buying internet from Tier -1 (level 1). Finally he (Tier -2) serves you internet and takes a part of your data pack as a commission.
The money that goes to Tier – 1 (level 1) spent only on the maintenance and management of the optic fibres set deep inside the ocean. And rest of the money goes to the pocket of Tier -1 companies. And Thats how the whole process goes on and on.
Money that you spend on buying internet pack is for the maintenance cost and despite this all the internet in the world is free of cost.
Why sometimes internet don’t work?
Sometimes internet don’t work for a short while and that happens when the aquatic animals like a shark, fishes, etc tampers the optic fibres and damages it. But there is a team of humans working on the ocean to serve the internet continuously and so they get to know where the flaw is then they directly replace the wire or repair it. Likewise internet works and serves you uninterruptedly.

Why speed of internet varies?

You may have observed while surfing internet that your internet speed becomes low at day time (let’s say from 2pm – 4pm). That’s because of the server’s limitation to a bandwidth that is, the network that you use have a tower or bandwidth near your locality and that bandwidth has some limited data speed which they serve to you dividing each user almost equal speed.
That’s why the network or service provider that you use becomes slow when a lot of users get connected to one network (say XYZ). So the internet speed is distributed equally without any discrimination. Following which the internet speed during night time becomes high due to less number of user connected to network (say XYZ) dividing a large data speed to fewer users. You might have understood the concept up to now.

Hope you enjoyed reading above blog post and now you came to know how internet actually works.

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