All You Need to Know About 5G – A Future Network (2018)


What is 5g?

It’s the fastest network known as “5th – Generation Wireless Network“(or 5G) is the next generation of the internet connectivity. It’ll be more reliable and sustainable offering faster and unbreakable internet connection to the smartphones and other devices than ever before.

Deployment of the 5G networks is still under development and the whole process will be completed and the accessible to the citizens up to 2020. Offering an average download speed of about 1GBps breaking the multitudes of network barriers.

Work will get easier and internet will be accessible to every person in the world. The network will grow and provide a place to store large data resulting in a development of infrastructure which in turn help contribute developing a better-connected world.

Things will get easier and faster data transfer among the computers that skyrockets the Internet of Things.

When will the 5G connection arrive?

● Moat probably the 5G connections will be going live on or after 2020 all around the world.
● The US, China, South Korea will be making an intriguing inauguration of the 5G network on their respective countries.
● Now you might have heard that many network provider are started to upgrade to 5G network just to match the level of the current network and provide a better service to their user.

What are the novelty inside a 5G connection?

● Faster internet surfing and staggering download speed.
● Better Voice and Vedio Calling Experience
● Smoother and reliable Mobile connection.
● Both streaming and internet surfing will be better than ever.
● Greater number of IoT electronic devices.
● Advancement in the field of gadgets like electronic cars, watch, robots and a lot more.
● Advancement in the department of business by growing the business leaders all around the world having a great business relationship alongside the growth of the world.

What would be the speed of 5G connection?


The speed is still unpredictable but off course it would be faster than the previous one, 4G connection.
There will be more ease of download and upload speed than the earlier version of connection. That is what GSMA has been proposed to provide a minimum 1GBps of speed.

Many have pre-defined the speed would be sailing somewhere 10GBps and others have a prophecy of about 100GBps of speed.

That means your HD movies, games, large files can be easily be downloaded within a jiffy. So now you can imagine the speed of the 5G connection. It would be faster, better and familiar than the latter one.

So am I able to use a 5G network services on my current mobile phone?

Currently there’s no option available to use the 5G connection in your smartphone, tablets, etc operating under 4G connection. But to use them right now in your devices may cost you or incur some extra charges.

However there’s a deadline of 2020, that means the current 3G, 4G networks will be replaced by 5G networks and by default all the services will be accessible to all of you.

And you don’t need to worry about the 5G connection cause it would be made accessible to public but still 3G and 4G will exist and it won’t replace its predecessor that much easily.

The users are intended to be patient as there will be a bridge between your current version of network and latest 5G connection. And hence you’ll be having “4.5G” as an intermediate working between your current and previous version of a network. That’s because network companies will never want to lose their customers and so is the solution.

Once 5G connections are set up to serve you, implementing the connection would be a challenging task as was happened during transformation from 3G to a 4G connection. The current network system would be replaced or upgraded to a new network system to access the 5G connection. Connection with homes and business should be replaced with the current network system to get the required speed.

And yes you’ll not be able to connect with the network until and unless you haven’t upgraded your technology or services though.

What are the harmful effects of a 5G network?


Basically the 5G network comprise 5 major parts that makes it a 5th Generation network:

● Millimeter Waves
● Small Cell Network
● Massive MIMO(Maximum Input Maximum Output)
● Beam forming
● Full Duplex

Who else doesn’t want a bigger and a better? So here comes the 5G(or 5th Generation) network that dazzles you with its amazing speed. Bringing a lot of opportunities to expand the Internet of Things. We can pre-assume what this 5G connection can do in comparison with the 4G connection. The faster data transfer rate, access to information and what else. What else could we want? Yes, the speedier transmission rate to accommodate the so-called Internet of Things.

Up till now the mobile networks are made to make the life easier than that of latter connection. But now the 5G connections are made with the help of machines that has a low latency rate, high-efficiency data transfer. It achieves this by breaking down into smaller packages for speedier transmission rate. The 4G takes a 50 milliseconds delay whereas the 5G hardly takes a millisecond to transfer data that we humans cannot even recognize the difference between the two.

More Bandwidth More Danger…

Okay let’s start with some basics of a 5G technology. Faster data speed requires a better quality bandwidth and the 4G bandwidth are quickly vanishing in this regard. There comes the 5G uninterrupted extremely high frequency, Millimeter Waves(MMW) having faster bandwidth connection. Ranging between 30GHz and 300GHz and that’s what suitable for 5G.

Millimeter Waves travel a shorter distance. That means objects like buildings, rain, etc will be a demarcation to its flow. Following which the waves will get absorbed by such objects. To counterfeit this, the network antenna should be placed at a shorter distance than the earlier 4G. That means we’ll be having an antenna setup at every feet on the ground to have a 5G connection.

Let’s talk of some numbers to put you deep inside what this network can do. In 2015, there were about 308k(3,80,000) antennas in the ground area and buildings. That’s just the double of the antennas put in 2002. Now you can just multiply and do down calculations to find out what could be the number of antennas to set up a 5G network, each emitting a Radio frequency Radiation(RRF). That’s quite lower than the 4G’s RRF which could be avoidable but it’s getting larger in amount that cannot be ignored. These could prove a major disaster to humans. It is just similar to the smog that’s remain everywhere in the environment.

Some Serious Health Issues…


Firstly let me figure it out that in 2011 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer proved and declared that RFRs are the cause of 2B Carcinogen and specified as a reason for brain tumors for using excessive mobile phones.

Many health-related effects were measured as soon as the 5G has arrived. Here are few of them:

◆ DNA single and double strands(which leads to cancer)
◆ Oxidation damage(that leads to tissue deterioration and premature ageing)
◆ Disruption of cell metabolism
◆Increased blood-brain barrier permeability
◆Melatonin Reduction(leading to insomnia and increasing cancer factor)
◆ Disruption of brain glucose metabolism
◆ Generation of stress protein(leading to myriad disease)

What’s the solution to the above stated issues?


Here are some basic tips to increase awareness and bring a small change that we can do right now before a problem coerce us.

> Understand the EMF and their behaviour
> Use EMF meters to measure and avoid the risk of high MMW.
> Whenever possible use a headphone or a speaker to make a phone call.
> You can now discourage the use of 5G networks avoid the monstrous disaster to humans which is quite a difficult task
> Say no to smart appliances – smart heaters, smart anything.
> Most importantly do not get a smart metre to avoid any 5G radiations in your house.
> Most easy of all is to share this article as much as you can to raise a concern because we now know what government can do on their behalf and what we can do right now on our behalf as a responsible citizen.


Check it out:

What are the requirement of 5G network?

The GSMA(Global System for Mobile Association) has announced a major 8 requirements of the network to be called as a 5G:

1) 1-10Gbps connections to end points in the field (i.e. not theoretical maximum).
2) 1 millisecond end-to-end round trip delay: latency.
3) 10-100x number of connected devices.
4) Perception of 99.99% of availability.
5) 90% reduction in network energy usage.
6) Upto ten year battery life for low power machine type devices.
7) 1000x bandwidth per unit area.
8) (Perception of) 100 per cent coverage.

Despite all this, the deployment in the 5G connection will surely wipe up all the network problem, internet speed, and many other related problems will be vanished undoubtedly. Adopting a new technology will bring a major change in the society and the culture as no one sans the better internet connectivity. Surely it’ll erase all the major network issues and, help curb the applications and performance of the devices.

Working closely with the mobile operators the network systems being pioneering 5G. The GSMA has been closely working with the top business leaders, industrial leaders like financial services, automotive, healthcare, transport operators, and other industries to build a secure tie-up in order to build up the beacon 5G.

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