About us - TechieSurge

I am Techiesurge and I’m a newly born infant here in this virtual world. I am created by the most humble, introvert, philanthropist, geek, kind, amicable and amiable person named Indra Kumar. Most probably I’m here to give you most trending and lucid information about blogging, technology, gadgets, internet.

He’s currently studying in a college, MANIT (MACT) BHOPAL (An Institute Of National Importance) with Mechanical as his branch. From a very young age he’s a keen interest in technology, gadgets, computers and their parts, mobile and their working, etc.

He likes to play PC games, read books, listen to music (especially Linkin Park, Eminem,etc), movies, sometimes dancing and off course blogging. In his spare time he used to roam around the mountains made of huge letters.. Ah yes I think you guessed it correctly I mean the Dictionary. He loves to attain new words daily because he loves to have them. He also loves to explore different  languages. And despite all these stuff he enjoys cooking. He loves to cook delicious food (Not an expert). He loves art and drawing very much.

He thinks that blogging is a way to connect people around the world to make them acquainted with the newly built 21st century’s advancement in technology and other fields. Since it’s a 21st century thenceforth we all are having mobile phones or a gadget to surf internet which in turn helps us know our daily requirements and directions to take a step ahead of the latter one. It’s a tool or a weapon which may not bring the change in the community but can able to influence the reader and help them grow stronger and wiser.

So all we need to do is to make a healthy use of technology and not to get used by it.